By Anonymous - 08/10/2010 12:01 - United States

Today, after me and my boyfriend had pretty much amazing sex, he took off the condom and started swinging it back and forth, all while making the sounds of a clock and saying, "You are getting sleepy." FML
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so your boyfriend has a sense of humor. OMG no way!! FYL!!!! let him have a sense of humor, OP.


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well, at least u had good sex....

How is this a FML? he's a funny guy, let him be..

So what OP? He has a good sense of humour. And plus he gives a good ****. This isn't an FML.

Come on. Get real Op. That's not an FML that's funny as hell.

lol today you have average sex and were hypnotized into thinking it was amazing

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Seriously, totally worth getting pregnant. I would give up condom-less sex blah blah blah I don't feel like finishing this comment. Something something something about studies on how women are attracted to a mate somewhat on scent and that that ability is disrupted by "the pilll". The studies have shown that some women that take birth control all through a relationship ********* déjà vu moment** suddenly become un-attracted to their sig other when they go off birth control in order to have kids. Feel free to look it up. Lazy moment, sorry. If anyone actually reads this, I'm sorry in advance if you accidentally get preggers because you're worried about the pill now.

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"pretty much amazing"? it's either: good, bad, or amazing... pretty much amazing is like saying "yea, it sucked, I just don't want to embarass you on a website. :)" and YDI for not having a sense of humor.

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haha I wouldve laughed if my husband did that, it's funny

After my boyfriend and I* Learns the grammar.

Lmao! Ryan, I love your profile pic. That made me laugh so hard

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well that's not that bad chill the fuc$ down

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******* grammar fail stupid woman...

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Today, My girlfriend and I had pretty much the worst sex possible. After we were done, I decided to lighten up the mood by swinging the freshly used condom back and forth saying, "You are thinking that we just had amazing sex" It worked. WIN!

it would be more awesome if at the end she added; "it worked."


I don't see the bad part in this? The sex was good and to top it off, a little bit of humor was included. Umm, sorry OP? YDI OP? FYL OP? idk?

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so your boyfriend has a sense of humor. OMG no way!! FYL!!!! let him have a sense of humor, OP.

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that's pretty damn funny lol

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He's not doing his job if this amazing sex of your didn't already exhaust you into sleep. Now he has to cover it up with humor.

Agreed. It's been amazing when you wake up the next morning stuck on the crusty spot, and he's gotta peel the condom off before his first pee. ;)

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Makes me think of the "No, you're awesome" pointing-puppy picture. I love alliterations. :D Google it!

its just a little joke, VERY far from a "FML" type of moment