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I find it hard to believe that a school is so poorly managed that a registered sex offender has managed to get temporary work there...

Your school sounds like a quality establishment. When did it become a way of raising your status to be the first poster on an internet thread, and announce your place as first? Grow up, people; it's JUST an FML thread. There are a couple dozen every day.

Well at least you know he isn't jacking off to those videos since they would have been confiscated. There's your silver lining (:


He's a sex offender. He probably plays with his fap-stick while watching the video. People can be so disgusting and sick.

WOW. Who does human resources there? I'm thinking it's a sock puppet or a monkey on crack. Hey btw, I have a buddy who used to be a murderer up until two days ago. He's reformed now and he needs a job. Can he get the number for your school? I heard there's an opening for a Substitute Dance Teacher.

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