By Anonymous - / Tuesday 28 April 2009 09:01 / Singapore
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  terranada  |  3

because there's a bigger risk of it being found if it's on the comp. at least wif a thumb drive he can keep it wif him.

op u shoulda hidden the file tho

By  Me27  |  0

#3 it actually makes sense to me, since it means nothing is on a hard drive.

But I'm thinking you need a label that means no one else would open it like that. Something obscure.

By  redroses5  |  0

......even if you keep porn on your thumb drive (wtf) you deserve it for handing it to a teacher. lmao.

"Today, I called one of my students to give him some information for his project. After he plugs in his thumbdrive, I open the folder named "School Work" to put the files in. It was full of porn. FML"

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