By SexyQueen0905 - 17/05/2011 13:05

Today, my friends were making fun of my clumsiness. I replied that I was not clumsy, and to prove it I was going to go the whole day without messing up. As I said this, I tripped over an extension cord and hit my head on a desk. FML
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raeraymusic1 0

ouch! I hope you're okay. everyone's clumsy right after they say they're not!

you sound like one of those 'walks into glassdoors' and 'gets hit by parked cars' kinda person


raeraymusic1 0

ouch! I hope you're okay. everyone's clumsy right after they say they're not!

no joke. I think it's better to say you are clumsy. then maybe you wont fall

PurpleRae420 0

These things happen it's like you curse yourself after you say it lol OW well just get up clean your head put a bandaid on it and laugh and go about your day!!! Shit like this happens you can still have a good day as long as you laugh at yourself

Your a klutz like many of us : )

schaflava 0

you still have friends?

Blake4477 0

34) you are SMOKIN!

1221jamw 11

yeah honestly I hope she's ok!

40, How does that make any sense? :)

FuniiBunii 0

40 just for asking "you still have friends ?" , I can already tell that you don't . I have a clumsy friend and she is fun :)

katiedoll6 7

Yeah it's like " I'm not clumsy to prove it I won't do anything clumsy for a whole day * bang* starting now"!!!!!?

wasabiinurvagina 0


I was thinking that too


m0tl3ycru3 0

cop: I appoligize for the misconception, your not drunk, your just really stupid you: thanks(with sarcasm)

HarryMcC 1

just one word 'rage'

oooo OP is down for the count

staceysgenesis16 0

thats sad! i hope your okay. because that was hilarious.

I lkr. I laughed so hard at this xD

salvorican 24

Don't worry you coulda still pulled it off. Just say that was part of ur swag

swagga of a cripple

I got little biceps gettin fatter in the middle :P

Just pay attention.

I want to meet you, you sound like you're the lead of a slapstick film.