By Anonymous - 14/10/2009 13:39 - United States

Today, I was participating in an exercise in my psychology class to describe this horrible looking person I had never seen before and I described the person as a "rebellious, drug dealing, lowlife". The person in that picture turned out to be my teacher. FML
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Sounds like your teacher is a rebellious drug dealing lowlife.

perdix 29

What's the problem? You might get a good grade and a reliable source of cheap weed.


suaveneanderthal 0

soo had you never seen your teacher before? was there no resemblance at all?

Why are you asking slitherbomb that?

Cause he wants his post wayyyyyyyy at the top like a douche bag. Oh no, I just did the same thing. Please forgive my douchebaggery.

I dont get it!? its your teacher...&& you didnt recognize them!?

Sounds like your teacher is a rebellious drug dealing lowlife.

Well no it's looks like actually.

I agree that's an FML, but don't feel to bad. D= I'm sure a lot of other students made that mistake. Maybe. XD On the other hand... maybe you should have used other words to describe them? Rebellious, On the edge might have been a better word choice. Guess thats just how the picture's photoshopped. =)

DoomJeff91 2

It was probably a picture of when he when younger. Maybe he wants to see what you can assume about someone based on appearance. Lots of psychology classes entail that.

How is it an FML? The exercise was to describe the image, and OP did so. Not an FML at all - OP is a drama queen.

What does OP stand for???

perdix 29

The OP stands for truth, justice and the American Way!

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Overrated Prick

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Orange Penguin

OP? Orangutan Penis, of course!

I lol'd at the optimus prime one

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perdix 29

What's the problem? You might get a good grade and a reliable source of cheap weed.

OP - original poster

You say "Rebellious" like it's a bad thing. And I'm guessing you assumed the person was a drug tealer because they didn't look very good, and also that all drugs dealers are lowlifes? Interesting the way you assume.

i assume chicken breasts comes from chickens. i assume terrorists are bad. i guess i shouldn't make assumptions.

Ligerie 0

How are drug dealers not low-life's?

Someone who sells only pot to adults only can be considered a drug dealer and not a lowlife.

ScaryGirl 4

Drug dealers are not lowlifes because they at least earn their money and don't beg for someone to give to them. And about the FML, wow, that's kinda funny..

You dear, are a superior imbecile.

M13LO 0

don't be surprised I'd he shows you a picture of yourself

Kristoffer 35

I'm fairly certain that was the point of the exercise. It is, after all, a psychology class.

I agree. If anything, the teacher WANTED you to describe the person in the picture as you did, to show you how "looks can be decieving". The teacher didn't get angry at you, did he?

phenistae 0

You deserve it! Don't try to sugar coat it. Speaking your mind is a great thing most of the time, but not in all instances. Use this experience to grow and change your way of thinking.

You sound like a fortune cookie.

Ligerie 0

He was asked to speak his mind though.

OP needs to spend more time and effort in English. The post is incomprehensible. I don't care enough to jump to any conclusions. Or to vote.

I understood it just fine, and I haven't even finished college yet. What are you, slow?

beautiful response couldnt agree more.