By prettysmellingbedroom - 15/02/2012 14:18 - United States

Today, I wanted to freshen up my room, so I bought some Febreze. Standing on my bed, I began to spray, not noticing that the air vent directly across was turned on. The spray came directly back at me. The doctor says that the irritation in my eyes may last for several days. FML
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You realise Febreze doesn't actually clean stuff, right? If your room is dirty, CLEAN IT. Don't just spray some stuff around that's going to mask your stench.

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Maybe check next time...? At least your eyes will smell of springtime!(:


JayJaysGirl 0

Maybe check next time...? At least your eyes will smell of springtime!(:

One word: blonde

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Me or her?

take a dump at Febreze headquarters

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16- Point proven.

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When I was younger I got dared for $20 to spray ferbreeze in my mouth... Long story short I made $20 for it. Tasted like aerosol can then apple cinnamon.

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One time in Walmart I tried to lightly spray some deodorant in front of my face to smell it but I accidentally pressed way too hard and sprayed it right in my eyes and mouth. I gotta say, it definitely didn't tastle like cinnamon to me.

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Today, I decided to cover up the stench in my room by spraying a product, that used to be lethal to animals ^.^ A better option might have been to: 1) Let your room air out, by opening a window (if your room has one) 2) Just leaving the door open 3) Doing some laundry and letting it dry in your room (fresh smelling clothes always smell nice) Oh and pay attention to your surroundings !

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peta... there everywhere

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The problem is that sometimes PETA has a point - the chemicals that are deadly to animals are also often deadly to us. It's just that little fishies, bunnies and bees are easier to kill than us big humans. Besides which, febreese really just masks smells, it doesn't really freshen. Opening a window is a way better plan, along with cleaning regularly.

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Oh I'm not part of PETA, I just found the comment fitting. My roommate sprays Febreeze all over the apartment after he's done getting stoned with his friends. It just ends up smelling so awful, a mix between weed and an overpowering flowery smell, would be better to just let the apartment air out with fresh air...

59- "That USED to be lethal to animals" Woah bro, your entire comment was useless after that remark. Plus, how do you even know that OP has any animals? Please go away with your PETA beliefs.

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Apparently, you can't read, I'm not part of PETA, also my point was that stuff is POISONOUS and they weren't careful with it. Please get away with your retarded reading comprehension skills, fucking idiots on this board can't read shit.

Considering she has a vent in her room which allows air flow powerful enough to blow spary back into her eyes makes the window option fairly redundant. The other two options were fine.

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Did that hurt your... febrEYES?!?!?!?!?!?! That was terrible.

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Well then simply don't do it if you know it's bad.

I found it amusing. You deserve a thumbs up!

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I read it as pronounced in an overly exaggerated Australian accent.

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If "it" is your use of punctuation, then it definitely hurt my eyes.

I love how your exaggerating this FML

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You could have just sprayed around the room.

That deserves much more than a facepalm..

3-ur a fuckin idiot no duh OP was trying to spray just couldn't see that the vent was open! Cant u read?!?

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Wow lay off of 3!! He meant walk around the room and directly spray shit instead of just standing on the bed like OP did. Don't be a bitch!

good job...

Ouch. Fyl

Freshen up your face

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^New febreze ad.

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Why fill your room with chemicals at all, when you can just keep it clean and open up a window? Nothing beats fresh air!

Unless you live next to a dump...

Fresh air rules!!!

SecretMe00 5

Fresh air can't kill germs! And some sprays have distinct smells you want your room to smell like.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

80, That's what actual cleaning is for. Plus, you can light a candle, burn some incense, or even make your own potpourri if you want your room to have some kind of smell. But too many people just use Febreeze or air fresheners instead of realizing that if their room smells, there's most likely a reason.

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At least your eyes smell good.

Just tell everyone you have glaucoma...

Or you were repeatedly dropped on your head as a child and loved the taste of lead based paint.

You realise Febreze doesn't actually clean stuff, right? If your room is dirty, CLEAN IT. Don't just spray some stuff around that's going to mask your stench.

You beat me to it Doc :)

So you scrub your couch with soap and water every time you want it smelling good? Yes you clean things but even clean things loose their fresh scent, that's one of the reasons why Fabreze was made.

Yes Chelly, when I want to clean my sofa I WASH the cushion covers. Shocking, isn't it?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

55, Clean things don't have a scent. A clean couch smells like a clean couch, not like flowers, "mountains", or cinnamon buns. If it starts smelling noticeably unpleasant after a short period of time, perhaps consider washing your ass/pants more often.

SecretMe00 5

Some couches don't have cushion covers... Just saying... And also that's only cleaning a small portion of the couch... How could u clean the other part...

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Maybe light a candle next time?

I don't think that's a good idea based on OP's previous actions.