By OwMyBalls - 12/02/2012 06:17

Today, I had a debate with my girlfriend about whether giving birth or getting kicked in the balls hurts more. It ended up with her kicking me in the balls. I was the one who said giving birth hurt more. FML
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Next time just don't debate with a woman. They will always win unfortunately.

she kicked it so you couldn't impregnate her to prove her wrong:p

Maybe his girlfriend is Lady Gaga and knows what its like to get kicked in the balls??

12, the bigger the truck, the smaller the..

Just kick her in the ******, my girlfriend said it hurts a lot when I did it out of reaction of her tickling me.

Getting kicked in the nuts hurts as much as a girl giving birth to 360 babies

Any woman that kicks a guy in the balls deserves a kick to the face. Then they ask for respect..smh.

107, I can't take you seriously with that DP.

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46- Gas milage? Im not sure I.understand what you're trying to say

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75- really?????? hmmmmm.."you think maybe girls keep their balls in the inside of their tummies?"

Of course giving birth hurts more than a kick to the balls. Still getting kicked in the balls is extremely painful and she should never try to hurt you that bad no matter what you said. The only time it is appropriate to kick a man in the testicles is if you are being attacked and that will help you get away. Violence begets violence.

Honestly there is no right answer, for guys it depends on the severity of the hit. And for girls it depends on many factors (position of baby, bigger or smaller size of baby, etc) There are several women who said giving birth was not painful. (which is lucky) Alright, I'm leaving.

Getting kicked in the balls hurts more. Often, a lot of women who have given birth, say, "I want another baby!". But you never hear a guy saying, "I want to be kicked in the balls again!". I'm just saiyan.jpg (It's a joke, in case you took it seriously)

46, smaller the what? Sorry I didn't buy to make up for lacking something. I think your comment shows a hint of envy. The only thing that got smaller with that truck was my bank account. Come talk to me when you drive a 25k diesel.

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This should read My NOW EX girlfriend

#169 so you're a med student huh ? I'am a farmer. Now that this has been said, stfu no one cares about perceived pain etc and fyi pain doesn't exist. It really doesn't.

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169 congratulation , you just wrote a book on this FML

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Oh shit, everybody, it's an actual factual doctor. Wait there 169, I need to find some babies to throw at you...

94 - doubtful. Getting kicked in the balls sucks and is really painful but I'm pretty sure giving birth would be worse.

174 because gettibg kicked in the balls doesn't make you a family, but it can stop you from making one O.o .... #justsaying (i kno u were joking)

Tell her " well now you won't have to worry about giving birth anytime soon" lol

This is a little about decimals of can test for how much something hurts.

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25, not always. Many times it's YDI. That's why we have two buttons to vote with..

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I down voted you, 59. I hate you people who always say YDI. Many times it's not YDI.

65- Many times it IS YDI, and many times it's not. How much clearer could they get?

Another person wanting to get top comment but failing......

I agree. Such disappointingly terrible comments.

That debate went quite well. /sarcasm. FYL.

My name has an inside joke to it. Get your Head out if your ass.

If you meant the guy that posted the FML, why did you post on this guys thread?..Thread Jacker.

because 147 said to look at OP's name. why so serious?

i was talkin to 195, but he might have been talking to 147. not sure

Wait I don't think he finshed it. Impregnate her. And move to mexico and change your name to Pablo. Must of sent it to early. Oh yeah don't forget the mustash!

26 - I'm pretty sure he wasn't being serious.

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#26, I'm pretty sure he was kidding...

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i hope she bought you a drink after

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If she ever wants to have kids with you, that was not her best idea.

If a girl donkey punched your boys would you wanna keep dating her? I'd fear she just start doin that if she didn't get her way. If I were a man and a chick did that I'd find a more respectful woman.