By TowelSinger - 12/02/2012 08:07

Today, I was at a choir convention, and everyone sings the national anthem outside their rooms each night. I was not informed and took a shower. My roommates opened the door, yanked me out, and locked me out of the room to sing wearing just a towel. The guy down the hall was video taping it. FML
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iknowimawesome 13

You're going to be a YouTube STAR!

Your roommates are jerks


iknowimawesome 13

You're going to be a YouTube STAR!

Michael912 3

Well at least he'll be star so theres a bright side

That's a violation of your First Amendment rights, you don't have to sing it...

Maybe OP is not American

rttr 18

Then why are they singing it?

66- the national anthem of any country, or do you believe that the US is the only country with a national anthem?

If someone can post a link, I will be forever trolling. And grateful.

lorraineald 7

Actually in some clubs when you sign up for them then you agree to doing certain things, like for example singing the national anthem. It's not violating OP's first amendment because OP doesn't HAVE to be in choir, and they don't HAVE to be at that convention.

Your roommates are jerks

CalCommando 6

Naked is the new clothed.

Best natinol anthem performance ever!

MyLoveDrunk 11

Sorry but if this spelling doesn't bother people then I don't know what will. **national

zeromarth 2

your just a bitch

JurassicHole 5

41- You're* Also, there should be a period at the end of that sentence sir.

40- it was a sipmle typing error. Go bitch about something else somewhere else.

simple* You're welcome

WitchyArmyWife00 0

You mean "you're welcome!". Leaving out the"!" is like forgetting to put the cherry on top of the sundae. :)

Dude this is FML not english class, stop worrying about how people spell and go have fun

MyLoveDrunk 11

81- it isn't about not having fun though, it's about settling a pet peeve.

Should've dropped the towel.

Not everyone wants to be eyecandy #5.

"Oh say can you see"...would take a whole different meaning.

It would have been worse if you were a bad singer.

That's part of their culture?

I can think of many better ways to instill patriotism. For example, CHOCOLATE BISCUITS DELIVERED BY THE QUEEN. Or days off for Royal Weddings.

bizarre_ftw 21

33 - I'm SO curious to hear what country you think this is

derek1719 2

Hi, how are you?

They were just hypotheticals. And much better way to encourage patriotism than pulling people out of showers and making them sing.

I always lock the door when I take a shower

Shower curtain?

30 - Bathroom door?

Privacy locks don't keep people who want in out... They more or less keep somebody from accidentally walking in on somebody. A paper clip renders most bathroom door locks useless.

30 What kind of shower curtains are you using?

Me Gusta....

Jakesterk96 8


Not sure if me gusta.

samikitty961 8

ich mag.

German... -.-

Thank you Captn Obvious. ...

At least you weren't naked. That would have been worse. Still, FYL. I'm sorry. That sounds terribly embarrassing :(

Clamcreepy 7

I should be seeing you as a Internet sensation I can't wait when tosh 2.0 gets a load of this video

supposedly tosh is getting replaced. and holy fuck you've written 100 FML's and none were posted. FYL

0 confirmed out of 124 posted... That's rough