By 90 up I-95 - 07/07/2017 20:00 - United States - State College

Today, I was wrapping up my move in a 16-foot truck with my car in tow. Google rerouted me to avoid traffic... through a state park. The road had only one lane. I can still hear the phalanx of cars honking at me. FML
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while Google maps is useful, it's always good to check which route you are taking. It's 50 50 on you deserving it or your life sucks

It wasn’t cars honking – it was elk bugling. Happy Rutting Season!

Google is your friend... The funny one.

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This happened to me too when i was on vacation. Ended up taking through what looked like a cow field in a toyota camry. It was something else. I feel for ya.

By the sound of things, you were going to be stuck in traffic either way. Google just determined you were going to be the cause of the traffic jam and made sure the road would be clear for everyone else.

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It's good you so use a map to help find a way but still check possible other routes you might be led through before going that way incase you cause trouble like that.

If the cars are in a line behind you how is it a phalanx?

A phalanx is simply a formation in which troops (or cars) form a rough rectangle. One car wide by a hundred long is still a rectangle.

YDI. This is how idiots in moving trucks get stuck under low bridges on Storrow Drive in Boston every September 1st--by using car GPS in a large vehicle.