By That_guy - 12/02/2012 06:02 - United States

Today, I got a new job. This would've been a good thing, but apparently, the person I'm replacing was very well-liked around my workplace. All of my co-workers hate me now for replacing someone who I don't even know. FML
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1- work really hard 2- get promoted 3- Fire all of them (Like A Boss)

Well that's not fair of them, they don't even know you. Sounds awesome to work with them.


Well that's not fair of them, they don't even know you. Sounds awesome to work with them.

Poser1337 5

Sounds like some awesome and mature awesome people in general. >.>

SecretMe00 5

Earn their respect or **** them! Who cares.

efro4472 1

I've seen this FML before a loooong time ago, you fail..

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OP ifeel for you but give it time

The first day you have to knock out the tougest guy in the office. Or was that just prison?

22cute 17

The place I now work started off that way. I replaced a man who committed suicide. People who missed him took it out on me & I didn't even know about it for half a year. Truly stupid people lacking basic self control.

NO GOD PLEASE!!!! NO!! NO!!! NOOOOO!!! (please get the reference)

This FML immediately reminded me of Ross in Friends when he becomes the guy in 3B who didn't give money to Howard the Handyman, and becomes immediately hated.

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Your sarcasm is weak, young padawan.

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Just do your best and kill them with kindness. They will come around. I just went through the same thing. Bringing a box of doughnuts won't hurt either.

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Yep, bribery by way of food is usually a thing.

SecretMe00 5

Oh yes, suck up to them. That'll work.

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Good thing. ..... (iPhone error)

Well I guess all you can do is try to be the next well-liked guy then

Blend into the shadows for awhile, and then step into the light and own the stage, with your hardwork, gracefullness and good looks.

kittenvks 11

I'd be careful where I put my lunch if I were you OP