By you ripped them off ages ago - United Kingdom - Derby
Today, a few minutes after giving birth to our fourth child, my wife pulled me close and whispered, "I love you, but if you ever put me through that again I'll rip your balls off." Everyone laughed. FML
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  martin8337  |  35

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  Melodija  |  19

Because, if they decide to change their mind and have more kids, it's far easier to reverse vasectomy than for her to reverse her tubes being tied - a vasectomy is a far simpler procedure where as tying the tubes for a woman is difficult and can have far more complications

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

Condoms and the pill actually can fail fairly easily, and thats not something theyre likely willing to risk. A vasectomy is really simple, and they don't even have to put you under. My dad got one after his forth kid and he was done in half an hour. Getting your tubes tied requires full surgery, going under heavy sleeping drugs and the recovery time is a bitch. everyone makes vasectomies sound like castration, but that's not the case. He'll even still ejaculate, there just won't be any swimmers in it.

  EchoSerenity  |  15

If they can afford four kids they can afford to adopt, tying the tubes there's still a chance of getting pregnant if it wasn't done right, condoms break, and birth control can really mess up woman's systems. With having the guy getting fixed there isn't a reverse of that, once it's done, it's done.

  junkman6  |  22

#61 hold up now this is the age of equality of the sexes! Everything is the mans fault! Jeez don't you know how equality works?

PS the above is sarcasm laced with cynicism. Still waiting on sarcasm font FML staff!

  octinate  |  17

You do realise getting tubes tied is a full blown surgery with sleep inducing drugs and it takes a long time to recover and your body is forever ruined with a large scar, plus all the risks associated with surgery including death. Compare that to a minor vasectomy where the man is still awake while it's happening and he's outta there in half hour....

  Ltturner234  |  12

I understand that pills can fall and so can condoms. but a vasectomy doesn't always work either. And getting tubes tied it's a very heavy surgery. I don't think anything is 100% Effective.

  annie_nk  |  22

I had third degree tearing, my episiotomy reopened and all my tears ended up getting infected. I easily reached a 10 on the pain scale and ended up having to be hospitalized for a week to get my vagina fixed. My baby is now almost three years old and I'm positive I'll NEVER forget the pain no matter how cute she is.

  Chibi_Kitten  |  24

#9 - I got confused and wondered why she would be in labor if that was so. Then I realized that maybe he meant when she started getting really hormonal, he got them removed. Or maybe they ran away from him in fear.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

True but the woman goes through excruciating pain along with a bunch of other issues while the man doesn't change at all. I think in the birthing moment he's an easy and frustrating target. Not right, but fairly common unfortunately.