By hairless - 09/10/2011 03:53 - Canada

Today, I learned the hard way that your little brother is not joking when he threatens to shave your eyebrows if you don't let him watch cartoons. FML
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Someone answered their own question.

_Vamp_ 9

And you can't either gangsta beiber. It's past your bed time you silly goose.


Having no eyebrows is hot .

Senior29 8

how about you shave yours then?

and shave your mustache while you're at it

OP must be one hell of a heavy sleeper

enonymous 8

Whoa... Never shave a good mustache... Ever...

You can't talk.

_Vamp_ 9

And you can't either gangsta beiber. It's past your bed time you silly goose.

alstbv12 13

31- Your hat might fit over that ridiculous hair if it was a bit larger.

Kick his ass Seabass!

tylersign 11

Voldemort must be your favorite character.

Since this thread is full of random shit... I think I'll throw my own random input in. Chuck Norris cures cancer with his tears.

36. Lmao. Comeback when you get a soul. Then you can talk to me. Kthxbaii

42. It's on the back of my head you dumbass. Suck my blonde Balls. P.S. Don't choke.

Lovely, now we have two young sociopaths. (OP's little brother, and, the aptly named, 'Gangsta Beiber')

Adman567 9

31, 48, 49: you have balls? And i agree with 36 u sterotypical 9 year old. He may not have a soul, but at least he has a dick and doesnt look like a try hard justin bieber. Thar is all, thank you.

People, that's how it goes. Shave your eyebrows off, then just draw them back on. As for 'iEthan', you're the first guy or ever seen say 'kthxbaii' before... And you're not fooling anyone with the name; you're just making Apple's iDevices look bad. 'kthxbaii'

zendaddy0 0

If it was anything but the new stuff on cartoon network I don't blame him

iEthan, fag, Bieber ( sorry for redundancy ) wtf are you 9 grow your boobs out before you talk shit As you say 'kthnxbai'

Super_Jill_ 1

Hey are you Emoboy-_- on psn? If so, I'm Super_Jill. xD

_Vamp_ 9

Tisk tisk little Beiberus. I have hairs on my balls older than you. You are so cool I just want to.... I just want to hold you. Wait... too much?

iEthan-Your default, in my opinion, is funnier than the FML itself. What look are you going for exactly?

dani212 0

Leave iEthan alone!!! Bitchy Gangsta Biebers need love too!

I like iEthans jowls. They are nice.

I'm sexy and I know it.

enonymous 8

42 wait that's his hat? Thought his dad was trying to hit him with a ping pong paddle

funnyFMLSplz 0

I'm back!! No one probably remembers me but idc. Iethan.. You dont even look "gangsta" you look like a "fag" beiber 'kthxbai'

funnyFMLSplz 0

My damn comment got deleted

funnyFMLSplz 0

Alright moderators, you can stop deleting my comments. It's the second time in less than 10 minutes.

AndrewN16 6

How did he do it? Because the only way he could have would have been if u were asleep

Someone answered their own question.

kelsey_katie 17

Now, don't mean to him! He just had a moment.

enonymous 8

Inception happened to get him to do it.

Victoire_W 0

No shit Sherlock.

Jbfu 0

How did you type that sentence? Because the only way for you to do types is if you have a keyboard...

hannahcorrine 0

Are you fucking serious bro?

you let him get close enough to shave your eyebrows without you knowing...

Older siblings need to realize we don't fuck around. >:)

YDI, Cartoons are the best!

PrincessesCrown 17

Avatars the best! I would be pissed if I couldn't watch my cartoons on Sunday's!

Avatar has been made into a TV show?

The Last Air Bender. Not that blue people crap.

Revenge is sweet ;)

That it is!

Did you tell him 90's cartoons were better anyway?

Right? Cartoons today are shit.

they tottally ruined the bugs bunny episodes over the years, shortened them down a lot

Shit, I'm in the first ten comments, so much pressure!

11- Sh*t, you've made my top ten list of people who annoy me! So much pressure! Congrats.

You're going to cry when you read your number.

AndrewN16 6

Haha yeah but I thought he wpuld have woke up from that

I can't believe how much I hate you. :(

Should've listened :)

You just sat and let him?