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  Adman567  |  9

31, 48, 49: you have balls? And i agree with 36 u sterotypical 9 year old. He may not have a soul, but at least he has a dick and doesnt look like a try hard justin bieber. Thar is all, thank you.

  dre_bro11  |  12

People, that's how it goes. Shave your eyebrows off, then just draw them back on.

As for 'iEthan', you're the first guy or ever seen say 'kthxbaii' before... And you're not fooling anyone with the name; you're just making Apple's iDevices look bad.


  _Vamp_  |  3

Tisk tisk little Beiberus. I have hairs on my balls older than you. You are so cool I just want to.... I just want to hold you.


too much?