By Anonymous - 11/5/2020 05:00


Today, at work, I was talking to a colleague about what the worst pain he ever experienced was. He said his was being bitten by a dog, and I said I didn't know. Next thing, I was kicked in the balls from a behind by another work colleague. She said, "What about that?" I agreed, it was. FML
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By  Jaymail  |  17

The last girl that kicked me in the balls was very proud of her waist length hair. She was always combing it. Playing with it. And showing it off. It took her several years to grow it like she wanted it. After she kicked me in the balls the next day I came up behind her with a pair of scissors and instantly gave her shoulder length hair. Hey! Fairs fair. Right? Women are just always so ready to go for the balls! Darn them!

By  Wadlaen  |  21

Wow, that's harsh!
The worst physical pain I've experienced was at an urology appointment, in the same area, and the same level of pain.
I feel you, bro!