By TheSacredTeddyBear - 31/07/2013 03:06 - United States - Independence

Today, I finally gave away all of the stuffed animals that I've been hoarding for years. Proud, I told my family. They congratulated me by buying me stuffed animals. FML
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Keep them if they have sentimental value. I kept mine and I'm a guy.

Maybe they wanted you to keep it?


Maybe they wanted you to keep it?

debbster7 18

Or maybe it was just because they thought it'd be funny?

Or maybe OP's family are spies who have to protect her from immediate and immense danger. In the stuffed animals are cameras, allowing the family to keep a close and careful watch on her

Maybe they were testing her to see how committed she was to being animal- free

Keep them if they have sentimental value. I kept mine and I'm a guy.

Even if they didn't, it's just so hard to throw away a perfectly good cute & fluffy teddy bear holding a fuzzy heart that says "I love you". Something about them just makes them hard to get rid of. If it would make you any easier, you could take them to kids in hospitals or at a orphanage. They wouldn't be going to waste & you'll be making a sad little boy or girl very happy. :)

Mynameislinh 24

#22 It's so hard to take your comment seriously, with that profile picture...

Zimmington 21

I have 2 that I like to hug when I'm depressed which is often. It makes everything a little better.

I still have the first two stuffed toys I've had since I was a day old. I'm 19 and still call them by the names I gave them, Pengy and Poley. You can guess what they are.

I still have mine, because they're from friends from when i moved, and one with the England crest named rooney from my grandparents from when i had an operation when I was little.

its a test, i hope you passed.

Start a "business" selling gifted stuffed animals on eBay.

Better than starting a drug dealing business.

28- they're called cartels, not businesses lol

37- shh!!! The NSA can hear you!

Well you did it once. Should be easier giving this batch away considering the little to no sentiment value.

Karma for what?! Doing the right thing?

I think you haven't quite understood how karma works...

That word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Out of the frying pan...

And onto the stove!! wait..

Put them to good use and donate them to a charity :)

WIC offices give toys to kids when they come in, and trust me, it makes the mom feel awesome when she can't afford to buy toys.

I should totally suggest that to the WIC office here. Sounds like a great idea.

lazygirlWOW 9

Nothing is wrong with keeping some OP, just don't hoard like you did the last bunch(: