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Today, my parents had a loud argument over who is worse in bed. FML
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I think it's safe to assume that they came to the conclusion that I am the worst in bed. Weird how that turned out.

Always better than hearing them in bed!

Not to judge, but hearing them out of bed sounds better than hearing them in bed. Although we can agree they both sound terrible.

yah true.. arguments have more detail than the original ...

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or buy two pacifiers and put them in the parents niuth...sometimes it works...

Not really. It's way worse to actually HEAR them having sex. Trust me. *shudders*

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That's when you bang on the door and tell them they both are shitty.

Get some ear plugs and listen to very loud music

I think the earplugs will block the music...

#28 Actually not necessarily. I'm a metal fabricator and I wear ear plugs regularly. I will play music on my phone's speaker and stick it up inside of my hard hat. The plugs are good at blocking out certain frequencies of noise, in my case heavy machinery, welding machines etc. I actually hear my music better with the ear plugs in when I'm in the shop. In OP's case it might actuality benefit him doubling up!

#44, while that may be true, the amount of time it took you to just start writing your comment the vacuum of space wood have killed said individual already. So quick? Yes. Painless? Debatable.

Is it just me, or are #44 and #45 the same person, having a conversation with himself?

44 and 45 just confused the hell out of me....multiple personalities maybe?

It is at that moment and when you should of jumped out of your window, climbed into your rocket, blasted of into space, and finally ejected yourself into space for a quick painless death. If that did not help erase such memories, see below. ** Rinse and repeat

I always die a quick painless death to not hear 1 conversation. Yep every day.

For the sake of his/her innocence, that'd be appropriate. Haha

Rei_Ayanami 18

While I understand this was for comedic purposes... Being caught in the vacuum of space is ANYTHING but painless, all the moisture in your body is ripped out of you by extreme pressure. You don't suffocate, your internal organs pretty much turn to soup, explode, and evaporate. While that is happening your eyes are also exploding, and your skin is freezing solid. It takes less than 10 seconds, but it is likely the absolutely most horrendous way to die.

In a few years you'll be telling this to your psychologist ?

If he is smart and wants any in the future I would say he lost it!

one simply doesn't win an argument with one's wife