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By caleighrossi - 16/06/2014 00:21 - United States - Ottumwa

Today, I was working my shift at our local nursing home. I was assisting a "sweet", "innocent" 100-year-old lady, and she had a bunch of used tissues balled up in her lap, so I offered to dispose of them in the waste-basket. She told me that if I touched them, she would kill everything I love. FML
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Lesson learned don't touch old ladies tissues

Seems like some simple instructions


Lesson learned don't touch old ladies tissues

She prolly had the devils lettuce hidden in there.

*probably Wow, frexcos I'm surprised you didn't correct that one.

Or tell her you LOVE HER! and go from there.

No she didn't

Seems like some simple instructions

But still seems a bit harsh thou

Did I say something about the intention of the instruction? nah son. simple.

Did he say you did? Nah mate.

That was.. A bit drastic.

Can I say it? That escalated quickly....

aruam365 24

This is nothing! Every single day that I work, I'm told a thousand times worse by my geriatric patients and some of them like to hit and throw things! You get used to it and learn how to handle them. There's some very sweet ones that will surprise you! Also, watch out for the pervy old men... I can't count the times I've been groped!

I share your pain. I have been knocked out, hospitalised on occasion and left bleeding and bruised daily. All for minimum wage. I work with vulnerable adults and children although previously with the elderly. I have been reduced to tears as a ninety year old frail women developed the grip of a MMA fighter and grabbed me on the inner thigh. It took two grown men to unpeel her vice like grip on my leg. I had bruises for weeks.

Amanyyyyyy 29

Better not touch them then... And sleep with your eyes open...

hey shes 100. got to respect her needs

Is that really a "need"?

Schizomaniac 24

Not sure, but it seems pretty fucking serious anyway.

When you've been on the earth for a 100 years, everything's a need.

When yu have lived 100 years, you need to teach the world some wisdom and respect rather than being grumpy.

Trooth 13

Well hey, not touching the tissues sounds a whole lot nicer than touching them. Maybe she exerted her aggression to spare you from the grossness of the tissues? Or maybe she has a weird tissue fetish, who knows?

well that escalated quickly

I thought that was going to go in a totally different direction but I guess it would only go in that direction if she were a guy. I just need to get my mind out of the gutter. Shake out the filth. Yep.

I am SO glad I wasn't the only one.

sweet and innocent. if there's one thing I've learnt its that old ladies are always the worst. they never want to learn anything and are always too full of themself.

Not always true. My great grandmother is still alive, doing well, and is sooo sweet and caring for others.

My grandmother just dragged me, the adopted grandchild who has vomited several times today, out of my warm bed to give her a bath so she didn't inconvenience the full-blood grandchild who lives with her. I'm the only grandchild treated like a servant.

I know that feel, work in a nursing home myself. she probably thought the used napkins had significant meaning to her, in her mind. fyl but I love when senile old people snap like that.