By stupidtoothpick2 - / Sunday 16 August 2009 05:19 / United States
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  benjpants  |  0

Today, I spent hours trying to get a piece of food out of my two front teeth. I didn't have anything I could use, until I went out to dinner and got a toothpick. I finally got the food out of teeth. The toothpick broke. Now the tip of the toothpick is stuck in my teeth. MLIA

  FapFapFapFap  |  0

TWO WORD POSTS IN ALL CAPS WITH NO ACTUAL MESSAGE WILL MAKE ME COOL? I wish I had known about that years ago, *that's* Why people always yell at me on the internet.

By  Endymion_fml  |  0

It feels really bad when you get things between your teeth (it's like stones in your shoes- they might be the size of a grain of sand but they feel enormous), but not exactly a 'fuck my life' moment.

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