Get packing!

By Anonymous - 03/09/2009 09:48 - United States

Today, I was able to check my voicemail and email for the first time in two weeks. The only message I got was from my landlord telling me that the house I'm renting is in foreclosure, and I needed to have all my stuff out in ten days. He left the message nine days ago. FML
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Wouldn't there be some sort of written notice involved? Ask for more time because you didn't receive an eviction notice on paper.

Why couldn't you check your messages?


fake second

WHAT!? So people should be able to be irresponsible douchebags and not pay their bills? Gee, that sounds like a great idea. Take money OUT of the bankers' and mortgage lenders' pockets, and put it into the pockets of the people who are too lazy or irresponsible to pay their most basic bills. It's like a twisted version of Robin Hood. Rather than take from the rich and give to the poor (which was bad enough), it's take from the hard-working, give to those who can't handle their own money like adults. Whoo, what a fantastic idea that is.

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that makes no sense

I hope you aren't serious. You can't just let people keep living somewhere if they aren't paying - it's their fault. Sure something might have come up, and a lot of landlords will understand/work with you on it(although the bank, however, is different). You can't just let people fucking stay somewhere if they don't pay, you know how many people would take advantage of that? What the fuck kind of thought process are you using? I suppose you suggest we just have all housing free. Yeah, that'll go over well.

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Err... Read the notes at the bottom of the FML, next to the name "Anonymous" Just saying...

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Well get fucking moving!

Better get off the computer and start packing.

fyl is right that sucks

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at least he got there a day before than a day after

I hate moving!!!!!

Why couldn't you check your messages?

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Pack fast! =o

what are you doing on fml? go there now

Wouldn't there be some sort of written notice involved? Ask for more time because you didn't receive an eviction notice on paper.

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ahahhahahahahhhhhhahahhhah too badddddddddddddddddddddd

Wow, your an ass

Looks like you've got a busy day ahead!

#8 is correct. you can get more time to pack. FYL. also, why is that you couldn't check your voicemail? YDI.

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The bank can't evict you as a paying tenant without 30 days notice, show copies of your rent check and your lease to the sheriff in the morning, you can file an emergency injunction and should be allowed to stay for 30 days. Good luck

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