By Anonymous - 31/03/2018 15:00

Today, a customer asked a question I couldn’t answer. I asked if she would wait while I consulted someone else, but she spat in my face and stormed off. My manager saw, wrote me up for refusing to help, and gave the woman a gift card for her troubles. FML
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Report your manager and find a new job.

Boyufd 24

I would haveost my job afterwards because I would have smacked her because she had no right to spit in your face


Boyufd 24

I would haveost my job afterwards because I would have smacked her because she had no right to spit in your face

Report your manager and find a new job.

Good thing you didn’t get written up for wearing spit on your face — that’s usually a dress code violation.

And you didn't beat anyones ass? This seems a bit fishy.

I've never understood these managers that take "the customer is always right" so far that they allow their employees to be abused.

do you work at Wal-Mart? 😂

julfunky 29

I worked at Walmart and can safely say that although the managers at my store were dumbasses they had no problem kicking out unruly customers.

I have no idea why anyone thinks it's ok to reward bad behavior. By giving people like that whatever they want just because they're rude and pitch a fit makes the world a worse place.

Tay94 14

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Have you ever worked retail? I’ve been in a supermarket for 30 years and I’ve seen worse.

Tay94 14

Yes, i currently do, amd never in my 24 years of living have i seen such disrespect to the extent of spitting in someone's face over an altercation in a supermarket. I just don't believe that it happened. That's just my opinion lol

I've worked in retail and in restaurants. You'd be surprised at how abusive people can be. I once had a guy throw a tea cup because I had trouble getting the water hot enough for his tea.

“Her troubles?” Was it dry mouth?

This is why "the customer is always right" trope needs to die. You just do not spit in someone's face. Ever. If your manager saw the whole thing, s/he had to know that you were offering to find someone to help and that she assaulted you. Any manager who is okay with customers abusing his/her employees is a bad manager. I hope you can find a better job quickly.

Not just the manager, but it can be the entire corporation. I work in the frontline of healthcare and we are abused, physically and verbally, on a daily basis. However, there have been times where after an attack, management makes us apologize to patients/visitors because "they are always right" - as in, we deserve the abuse.