By whaaaaat111 / Saturday 9 March 2013 12:04 / United States - Vienna
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  AKGirlinSD  |  31

This is a second FML post, within a week, where a good deed ends up as a punishment. It is so sad how our society has become. A simple "Thank you," from the CC holder should have happened; she should rejoice that there are still good people in the world.

  divadro102  |  31

This is why I tap them on the shoulder and just point at said fallen object. And sometimes they have the nerve to say it's not theirs. To which I then say, "I wouldn't be so sure of that (insert name I saw on CC)."

  wlddog  |  47

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  wlddog  |  19

You would have thought the cop could simply check the video cameras at the store to see who was lieing. If they were a thief, i dont think they would have internet access to write an FML.

  whaaaaat111  |  31

Hey guys it's OP, I just made an account (I know kind of late). First off I had a witness standing by me when the police came, so there were no charges or anything serious. The police came and in fact gave her a warning. Once they left, she apologized but didn't sound to serious about it. The old lady probably just wanted to have fun, and I can't blame her! Hopefully she doesn't do this to other people, it was not fun to have police coming. For the people who said I should not have touched it, I guess you're right, but I just got caught up in the moment. Thanks for all the comments!

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