By unemployed - 18/10/2016 00:05 - United States - The Colony

Today, the store I work at got shut down and I got let go. Three days ago I got a promotion and a raise. FML
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What caused the company to be shut down?

That sucks op...hope you can find something else


That sucks op...hope you can find something else

What caused the company to be shut down?

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Sounds like the shut down was quite unexpected.... either that or your "promotion" was evilly planned.

i hope OP wasn't promoted to VP of communications

Or put in charge of all the finances. "Here OP, you keep track of all our money." *3 days later* "Uh oh, we have no money and have to close. Let's all blame OP."

has nobody seen fun with dick and jane? jim carrey gets promoted to VP of communications just in time to be the fall man and explain to the press how corrupt and illegal his company was, and how all the workers in his business were being let go

I think his boss was trying to save him some trouble on his next job.

Ironies of life - One moment you think everything is going great and other...

Don't think it's your fault that the store closed because you ascended to a position you couldn't handle. It's just a coincidence. Probably.

Congratulations! You've been promoted to senior marketing director here at Vine

That sucks! Keep your head up OP, hopefully you'll find something else soon!

So? You now have extra experience and a higher job position to add to your resume.

That might even have been the plan. Give a valued employee the parting gift of a better position in the upcoming job hunt.

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Although, with nobody around to pick up the phone, that's going to be a bit hard to verify...

I doubt the management there lost all communication with the world when the store closed. People have their own phones now, it's 2016, and all you need is a reference with a phone number. Your reference is still valid even if the phone call isn't answered with, "Hello, this is -name of closed store-."

If it takes you months to find a job then you need more skills or education or something...

Ouch. On the plus side, at least you can put the higher-status job on your resume.

title is worth more OP, stores don't close down suddenly, this has been known and planned ina advance by your employer. The promotion and raise you got was probably a thank you gift