By apologetic - 09/06/2014 14:27 - United States - Latonia

Today, I got yelled at by a customer while working at a bank call center. He was furious I apologized for a mistake that someone else had made. I again apologized for apologizing. FML
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Well atleast you are nice enough to apologise

Sometimes you just can't win


Well atleast you are nice enough to apologise

or maybe just a Canadian

WinterBlue42 22

When you work any type of customer service job, you are required to apologize for anything, and everything. :P

I'm sorry, OP! Oops, sorry for apologizing - my bad! No, I'm sorry, it's actually not 'my bad', but still I'm sorry. Sorry about that!

Respect101 17

Whoever down voted #27 is not very smart, in the customer service field, you could possibly lose your job if you don't apologize and fix a mistake whether it was your mistake or not. It may suck, but it's the rules.

compulsive apology?

I'm like that now ever since my ex would get on my case about not saying it enough. Now I say it way too much but it's just out of habit. I can sympathize with OP if that's why she said it again even though that's what pissed the person off.

Demig0d6 14

Sorry, op

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I'm like this... Is compulsive apology actually a real thing? Because I apologize constantly. I'd like to stop, it's rather annoying...

I feel OP's pain. Working at a call centre usually involves "empathy and ownership" What OP is doing is: 1) Empathising for the other colleagues mistake and the burden it had on the customer... 2) Owning the situation and making it his own... This is all very common practise. If he told the customer "my colleague is an idiot" the customer feels like the rep is white-knighting and arrogant. It also makes the rep's branding in a corporate environment dampened by not "behaving like a team"

Sometimes you just can't win

Some customers are such a bitch. But hey, **** their life for having to vent off the anger to people whom they know won't talk back because of restraints.

Hey not your fault. He needs to get the stick out of his ass.

If you're implying he's Canadian, he's from the US.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Judging from how furious he got from you saying sorry once, he must've physically exploded on the last one, huh?

JellyBalls 18

Why so furious?

Don't you just love working with people!

Just ignore him. Some people don't know what they want or how to treat people to get it.

Since she has to answer phones, ignoring him wouldn't be the best idea.

I mean ignore the rude comments he made not the customer himself.

Were you standing between two of your ex-boyfriends, by any chances?

OP was the person at the desk not the person standing in line.