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  jweezy101  |  0

totally right. Gotta make his light saber when he passes the jedi trials and made jedi. Every new jedi has to make there own lightsaber. As you can tell i am a star wars nut. DON'T HATE.

By  egaonogenki  |  0

You could've said, "Order some at StarWars . com but if you cannot find any on that site, sign up on the Forums there and ask fellow users where you could get some. They'll have fun answering you, and if you manage to find some, well, may the Force be with ya, buddy!"

  Mo_mo  |  0 that answer would have been great, lol because you would have had more amusement from the way that conversation developed and the customer would have thought u were really concerned and helpful. Gotta learn how to make fun of people in a tactful way without them knowing. Its so much better that way! lol

By  i_is_a_tr00l  |  0


Barack Obama has some in the White House but you have to look all around and soon you'll found them. I heard only one person found them. But he never told where they were. That selfish pig...