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Today, at work, we had an extremely rude customer who started cussing at us, and my coworker started cussing back. I jumped on the register to quickly bring down the line, and apologized to everyone for the scene. A secret shopper was in the line and claimed that I was rude. I got written up. FML
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That's why I always carry a little notepad and a pen when I go to a store, look around furtively and mumble into my lapel. They think I'm a secret shopper and treat me like a king.


Sinamoi 18
Sinamoi 18

Yeah, ya know, like Sam Fisher.

Sounds like op works at mcd's. That shit happens to me all the time

What on earth does Kony have to do with this FML?

Talking to me?? Yeah i read it with both my eyes. If she stops cussing then she wud be better of that dappy biatch

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It was the OTHER employee who started cursing not OP! Jeez, slow down and read thoroughly!

You really are a stupid dumb shit. ******* hell.

You guys realize that 47 is just trying to get attention, right? He does this on every FML. He purposely switches it around to make it the OPs fault, and he responds to the first comment every time. By reacting to his stupid comments, you're all giving him exactly what he wants.

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I work at McDonalds and the "mystery shop" writes me up strictly because I am Muslim. This happens every 3 months.

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I can't believe there are actual people like this who exist in the world.

There was a nice girl I worked with, and a black woman came through her line. The cashier wouldnt take her coupon, and the woman made a HUGE scene. I later heard that the cashier got fired because 'someone' called in and reported the cashier for saying 'n******' and everyone knows she didn't. Some people in this world make me loose hope for society.

More like its called a "woman's grudge" and they don't rest until they believe they are even .... Stupid right?

rude customers are THE worst. wanna rip all their heads off!

Are you kidding? There are songs my coworkers have made up about killing everyone and setting the place on fire. Its very Office Space. Also, very unsettling that they have such explicit and detailed homocidial fantasies. Very Unsettling.

Thats why the mystery shoppers where I live got cameras, to prevent this. Or that they are lying about service. Mean little buggers they are.. Don't stop them in trying though! Sucks op!

So you have special cameras to just watch secret shoppers. Sounds like a waste of time and energy. No offense

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Secret Shoppers are the bane of employees. Most do their job well, but it wouldn't surprise me if they have some kind of quota that they have to reach to show they are "doing their jobs"

Let's face it: secret shoppers are paid to find dirt. Some of them are not above manufacturing it, unfortunately.

...and if they don't fine dirt, then they make dirt to find. My hope in society is dwindling...

Depending on where you work at mystery shoppers may not even be actual people working for the company. At lot of the time they're people who clicked on an ad on the Internet and signed up for the free stuff/easy money they offer.

Eh my mom did secret shopper for a long time and never made anything up. Some of them are honest.

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Not trying to sound dumb, but what is a secret shopper?

Its a shopper whos job it is to evaluate the store and its employes(i know i didnt spell that right) without them knowing who shopper is.

Actually, it's like a secret Santa or a secret admirer or a secret agent... ...or perhaps not. Imagination only goes so far. |the kid|

So instead of going back and typing the extra e in employees, you decide to write a whole sentence about how you know you spelled it wrong. -_- smh

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He was saying he knew he spelt it wrong but he didn't know the correct way

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77- It's not like they said 'Oh my, I think I forgot an e'. Asshole.

I hope your coworker will defend you - even if that means (s)he gets written up.

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Yeah, that's gonna happen. You think retail clerks have the same code as George Washington?

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Goodwill towards your fellow man is nearly dead. If OPs coworker can get off the hook chances are good they won't throw themselves under the bus.

Mind the 'hope'. I would defend my coworker, so I just hope I'm not the only honest person left in this world.

If I were in the same situation, I would speak up as well. I have been in the same position as the OP before, and it sucks. I have lost jobs because of others as well. Hopefully the OP's employer has a time limit on the write ups to where they disappear after a certain amount of time, otherwise if I were the OP, I be talking to that other person and getting them to confess.

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I would hope so too. Besides the honesty of the co worker, stores have cameras so.. Better co worker is found out by their own admission then by a review of the cameras

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That's why I always carry a little notepad and a pen when I go to a store, look around furtively and mumble into my lapel. They think I'm a secret shopper and treat me like a king.

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Sure, it does. Recently, I was given a free Big Mac. The impressive thing is that I was at Burger King at the time!

Perdix, are you telling me that kind of behavior isn't normal? Oh dear, I wonder what people think of me now when they see me whisper into my bracelet.

The first thing that comes into mind is that they probably think your a loser

51 - First thing that comes to MY mind is that you're an asshole.

52 first thing that comes to mind is corned beef hash, steamed cabbage, and a fresh pork-chop.

Damn those secret shoppers. I feel your pain OP.

**** secret shoppers. Sounds like some bullshit Safeway would pull.