By Notabum - 31/08/2009 04:30 - United States

Today, I received official notification that my license was being suspended for multiple DUIs. Apparently, my brother is a drunk and has been using my ID. FML
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Why are you leaving your ID to where your brother is not only able to steal it, but return it? Multiple times?

Now just do the same to him ^_^


Now just do the same to him ^_^

Shit in your brother's bed, and in his mouth while he sleeps.

OP,do you look like a man then?

oops, I thought it was a girl, never mind my comment..

But if its his younger brother is stealing his ID them wouldn't OP's younger bother be a minor?

Why are you leaving your ID to where your brother is not only able to steal it, but return it? Multiple times?

unless at midnight when your sleeping he takes your ID, gets drunk then drives with did u not know this was going on....

Ahaha, that one's evil. But I figure you can ask them to proove it was you - if you have an alibi, they have nothing on you.

U G L Y you ain't got no alibi! (op)

If you lent your license to your drunken brother then YDI. If he took it without your permission then FYL.

I don't think you can lend your license to some one as your picture is on the I.D. I am sure that if you lent your license to some one, that person would look totally different..unless the OP and his brother happen to be twins.

YDI FOR NOT OWNING A CHI STRAIGHTNER! It's the best straightner ever. ;]

Teenage girls aren't usually the best trolls.

Did you fry your brains out with that straightener of yours?

wooow why u let him us ur id .. shoudnt you have that on you @ all times ?

Is it really that hard to spell out words and use proper grammar?

I don't understand how this is possible? Are you guys identical twins or something? Or are cops in your area just stupid?

Yeah. I didn't understand that either.

Some times the cops can be that stupid. But the OP said they were brothers which comes with a high possibility that they look alike. So maybe he was able to get away with his I.D. How his brother was able to get ahold of it and return it is another matter. Still an fyl because there are some serious legal issues with identity theft that the OP will have a hard time convincing people it was his brother not him.

you can easily turn him in right?

WOW. your brother is a professional badass, stealing your licsense and getting drunk!! whata champ