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Today, I woke up from a sexy dream about my boyfriend. Too bad I'd fallen asleep in my living room with my whole family over, grandma included. They were all staring. I'd been sleep humping and moaning. FML
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Must have been one hell of a dream to be sleep humping.


To explain the moaning and humping OP, you could say to your family that you were in an action dream getting tortured by the enemies. As for the humping... say you were shot a lot. It could work. (Anything said by SkoomaKi is normally complete bullshit and will probably not help).

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10 - Did you just thread jack yourself? :)

In a way yes, but in a different way, no. It was supposed to be my edit for my first comment, but I didn't do it in time :o

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35 - They were both good, so may the FML gods smile upon you.

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This is the best comment I've seen in a year. Plus the edit-turned-thread-jacking.

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meh, at least now they're less likely to be shocked when they catch you and your boyfriend.

No, she couldn't have been drooling, because I'm sure at one point in the dream she had to swallow.

Exactly what i was thinking... But awkward*

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Not awkward... Hilarious. Shoot, I wish I could have seen it.

Must have been one hell of a dream to be sleep humping.

That's what my mum said about this dream I had once about one of my cats.

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Boy, you must be some really crazy cat lady if you have dreams about them.

It's normal to dream about your own pets.

But not to be humping them! Er at least I don't THINK it's normal....

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I've experienced that just like OP. But I'm curious to if she had some mouth motion also, then that would be extremely awkward.

Damn OP! Must've been one hell of a wet dream. After your parents and grandparents get over the inital shock of your actions and the awkward talk that'll ensue, how bouts calling your boyfriend for some real sexy time ;)

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I bet your grandmother thinks twice before coming over next time.

Unless she's the kind of grandmother that "was out every night having sex with anything that breathed."

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Exactly what I was thinking! So weird that those two FMLs came so close by each other.

That sentence is damn near the top of my "nastiest grammar I've ever seen" list.

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And your family decided to continue watching rather than wake you up? Well, at least they are thoughtful.

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They didn't want to interrupt the show. :P

What if OP sleepwalks? She could have raped whoever tried waking her up :o

Tell them you dreamt you were a dog. Oh wait that's worse.

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Or a cat, Professor Meowington

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In my defence for the completely shit comment above, some moron commented 'doesn't matter had sex' and then deleted it, so my initial reply posted here accidentally. And to avoid sounding like a total dick I had to edit it to ':S' in the last second. I would like to apologise for that burden on the commenting community.

Tell them you were riding a horse...if u know what I mean ;)

You don't hump the horse when you ride, so basically if OP was dumb enough to say that, it would only make things more awkward

You do, however, make sort of a rocking motion with your pelvis when riding a horse, so I can see where IC (original commenter) was coming from. That still wouldn't explain the moaning though...

Just tell them OP don't judge me got damn it everybody does it, and walk out like nothing happened.

Except.... Something DID happen....