By Anonymous - United States - Oregon City
  Today, I woke up from a sexy dream about my boyfriend. Too bad I'd fallen asleep in my living room with my whole family over, grandma included. They were all staring. I'd been sleep humping and moaning. FML
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  SkoomaKi  |  27

To explain the moaning and humping OP, you could say to your family that you were in an action dream getting tortured by the enemies. As for the humping... say you were shot a lot.

It could work.
(Anything said by SkoomaKi is normally complete bullshit and will probably not help).

By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

Damn OP! Must've been one hell of a wet dream.

After your parents and grandparents get over the inital shock of your actions and the awkward talk that'll ensue, how bouts calling your boyfriend for some real sexy time ;)

  therealslim  |  15

In my defence for the completely shit comment above, some moron commented 'doesn't matter had sex' and then deleted it, so my initial reply posted here accidentally. And to avoid sounding like a total dick I had to edit it to ':S' in the last second. I would like to apologise for that burden on the commenting community.

  Isoldael  |  27

You do, however, make sort of a rocking motion with your pelvis when riding a horse, so I can see where IC (original commenter) was coming from. That still wouldn't explain the moaning though...