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And you don't think it's fishy that they both live with you and are both pregnant at the same time due in the same time frame? I would be a little...unless you slept with them both?


Not all women become crazy when they are pregnant. I am a very eccentric person so I thought when I became pregnant I would be the worst of them all, but I was the opposite. Honestly I think my husband liked me better when I was pregnant lol. I hope both women are like that in your situation OP. Good luck!!

  abbey321  |  8

I remember when my mom was pregnant with my younger sisters. She was having twins and I took the last waffle and she yelled I'm eating for four now!! While throwing the syrup at me.

  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

"I remember the world before the tragedy son.. The trees were green, the sky was blue.. But then two women, at the same second, gave birth. The high iron rate combined with a quick change in the polarity of the Earth made the newborns collide with uncanny force. The cataclysm that followed was deadly.."

  cosmosis  |  12

Hmmm one pregnant woman plus one pregnant woman equals two pregnant women...
Hmmm im not following your logic there son. Does not make the slightest bit of sense

Anywho, congrats and goodluck for the future op:)

  perdix  |  29

#42, I doubt it. If they were polygamists, having two of the wives pregnant would be good news, not an FML.

Sounds like a fun lifestyle, though.