By HM - United States - Albuquerque
Today, I invited a guy I've been crushing on for ages to my house, and I really wanted to make a good impression. We were sitting in the living room having drinks when my cat came in, dragging a pair of my dirty underwear and dropped them right in front of us. FML
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  Duladian  |  19

"I'm not are we went far" is not coherent. I understand he probably meant to say, " I'm not sure we went" which would make more sense.

That is most likely the reason he is getting down voted.

  Clevelandians  |  17

My phone autocorrected. I meant to say "I'm not sure..." Just like you pointed out. And not F the cats life if there were poop stains. That's definitely a YDI for the cat in that situation.


  MrConcise  |  34

*cat drags out poopy panties*
"Please make her clean them up! She leaves them everywhere. My nose feels like a wind tunnel of fire! Save meeeeeee...ow!"
OP and date hear: Meowmeowmeow.

Definitely fuck the cat's life.

  Rainbow2Cloud  |  12

You know how cats always get in boxes? How they always get in front of you and almost trip you? I swear they are planning to use boxes and tripping you to dominate the world. :o but I still love my Miss Kitty lol