By Kat - Australia
Today, I made a typo in a line of code, bringing the company website down. Our admin was already pissed about having to work over Christmas, and he started yelling at me and ended up punching my supervisor when he got between us. Pretty sure my screw up indirectly got the poor guy fired. FML
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  withered  |  30

#1 I kinda understand the guy. You really get fed up fixing mistakes that wouldn't be there if people were more careful and/or at least knew one tiny bit what they were doing.


I think I can imagine the guy accidentally punching someone just by raising his hands in the air saying "what the hell" to OP, and consequently hitting the supervisor when his hands go up, but if he really did just straight up assault his superior then I've got not a shred of sympathy for him.

  nix1993  |  41

#41 being that he was only admin I doubt he would have had to fix the mistake, more likely he was just pissed that the website was down. They were all working Christmas day, he was no worse off than anyone else and punching anyone over a mistake means he deserves to be fired.

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

41 no. if you don't like your job and it causes you to hate it so much that you get physically violent then you need a new job. if his job is to fix mistakes and he can't handle that it seems he needs a new line of employment.

  blazingshot147  |  19

If you have ever done code, which is like fireworks in handling, I'm more surprised OP wasn't pissed about the fact that he would have to read the entire thing (or god forbid rewrite the entire damn thing). Though, add in one of the few days where people should be chilling with their families, I can relate a little bit with the attacker and OP...

By  PuppiesKisses  |  15

You were both working over Christmas that doesn't excuse his actions. To err is human don't blame that incident on yourself. Everyone has typos; especially with auto correct on iPhones.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

Poor guy? Don't feel bad for him. You made an honest mistake and he over-reacted. He deserved to get fired.

By  Cyrus00  |  41

Nah that's not your fault. You didn't make him work over christmas and you didn't force him to punch your supervisor. Plus everybody makes mistakes