By DontBeRude - 28/09/2015 04:05 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my mother felt the need to remind me not to fall in love with a fictional character. After laughing and reassuring her that I knew the difference between fiction and reality, she replied, "You know, honey, sometimes I'm not so sure." FML
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Don't worry, OP, we all feel you.

Don't worry, we all love Dean Winchester.


Don't worry, OP, we all feel you.

Who hasn't fallen in love with a fictional character?

Guess she's the one you need to be worried about.

... For looking out for her daughter's weird fandom behavior?

We've all been there, don't worry op!

Was it about twilight?

Are you stuck in 2008?

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You're so two thousand and late.

We fangirls are here for you.

Don't worry, we all love Dean Winchester.

Squirrel FTW!

When did supernatural make it to FML?

Supernatural is everywhere.

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Gotta say, I prefer Sam myself.

I've given up on falling for the girls in Supernatural. They all die.

Yes we do!!!

I'm a Dean girl, but I'm Sam-curious.

Supernatural is EVERYWHERE! There is no escaping it. In the 'heat of the moment' our fandom will salt and burn your fandom. There is nothing left for you to do, so 'carry on my wayward son.'

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Supernatural is cancer now because of the fans

You may get downvoted, but you are in fact correct.

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Agreed. Any sort of "loud" fandom can get annoying, really.


The Supernatural fandom: We have gifs for everything.

Wait. Prince Charming isn't real?! FML

sometimes fiction is so much better then reality though. just don't get stuck there!

As they say: it takes one to know one. Sure she is into fictional characters herself. In this age doesn't matter, if only to make it worse.