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Today, I found out that me and my best friend are both pregnant. We live together, and both had one night stands with the same guy. Now we are going to be each raising his children in the same house while he has decided to "not get involved" and move to a different state. FML
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OP, yall are stupid. Both of yall slept with the same nasty guy and neither of yall used protection. Gross. You deserve it.

Either Jerry Springer or Maury. Hell Maury is the one that loves doing those DNA tests (hell I'm sure that you'd make a pretty penny selling this story to either trash show). Either case though you definitely deserve it. It's better not to sleep around (especially with someone that your roommate is rolling around with). You just got a crash course in awkward.

I was thinking cheesy rom-com. Okay, I don't actually know where the 'rom' part comes in but I'm working on it.

I'm with The_Pleb on this one. My props to the dude

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YDI for being a couple of ******, go have abortions you skanks, no one wants to deal with your little mutants later in life, they're probably gonna be ****** just like their mommys , am i right you skanks

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Remember, Maury is a phone call away.

stfu. Seriously, yeah their stupid, but don't be an asshole. people are telling women to have abortions. I guess the term "pro-abortion" does indeed make more sense than the term "pro-choice."

yes, So dumb that when they come home one night and can't figure out which babies is theirs. Hell they're so dumb that it will not matter if one is a boy and the other one is a girl. They'll need to have blood test done on the show to prove they have the right baby. Then they can go out and have tattoos put on them to tell them apart.

OP deserves it for basically being the sexual equivalent of a sock full of mashed potato.

Don't base that off of a couple of idiots off the internet. I'm pro-choice, but i'm against abortion personally. I'm against it, but i don't think it should be illegal.

look who is talking, you are saying yall.

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Oh yeah, you are both really good friends.. NOT

@188 your a effing dick. go have your own opinions elsewhere. don't tell people to have abortions, you don't even know their situation. ick, let's hope you don't try to reproduce you one minded douche

jerry! jerry! jerry! also wonder which baby will be cuter...

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#18 who said there was no protection used?

well at least u can both talk about what an asshole he is

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OK, I agree with the being skanks, because they are. Abortion is just wrong, though. I hope OP and her best friend get their acts together, take care of their children, and DON'T get abortions.

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To all people making assumptions-No where does it say protection was not used. Having sex with someone does not make them a *****/****. Abortions are an opinion. In the words of Fez, goodday.

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It's better than "you's guys." At least "y'all" is a proper contraction. It's just used in the south.

YDI for not being able to use basic English grammar. You should have wrote "my best friend and I" not "me and my best friend."

The chances of both of them using protection and still manage get pregnant are incredibly slim. So either one or both didn't use protection.

188 you are the most ignorant person on here. Yes because a mistake makes them ****** you don't know them or who they are who are you to judge and telling them to have abortions? Sure murder two children. That solves everything. It's ok that the guy isn't gonna take responsibility for his children but, but the women who are pregnant and planning to raise their children are the ones you point the finger at!!!??? Shame on you

That is so ****** up. I agree, Hello jerry springer

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getting pregnant does not make you disgusting or a *****. someone can have sex with a thousand people and never get pregnant, while someone else could get pregnant losing their virginity. and I am guessing almost EVERYONE has a one night stand at least once in their life. if this is true, it really sucks though. sue him for child support, get all of his $$

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Isn't usually the asshole who gets ******?

I disagree, #3. Screwing assholes is a great method of safe sex and this method does not produce children.

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If he does, that's horrible advice #104. But he means don't **** jerk guys. obviously.

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that's a myth!! you can get pregnant by anal. its rare, but with enough rippage the sperm can actually leak from one track into another. i wouldn't try it if i were you. if you doubt it, look it up.

well that is an extremely rare case. It is 100% more likely that you would get preggers the other way if you know what i mean

Christ what's with so many people saying "methinks" lately. It's ******* I THINK, methinks is archaic for "I'm a huge fag who thinks he's witty"

no #141, we don't know what you mean...god you're a tool

They put the ass in classy. :D see what i did there ^^

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#1 took the words right out of my mouth.

this is.. crazy o_O at least you two have each other :D fyl for having a kid but ydi for expecting support from him.

YDI for getting pregnant, but FYL for not getting support from the father.

They don't deserve it for getting pregnant. There's 7 billion people on the earth. You're saying they 'deserve it' too? I believe you should word that differently. Maybe, you deserve it for having a one night stand.

I think everyone on earth who has concentual sex with unsuitable protection deserves it for getting pregnant. Some of them are happy to deserve it though.

You should post him pictures of the two of you making out and tell him he turned you both gay. Then post a link on, just to be thorough.

At least give the kids up for adoption. Your life is a mess. Give the kids to someone who might actually help them grow up into decent people.

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Yes, because it's just that simple. Well done, a wonderful, witty and intellectual response, I am so glad you contributed to this discussion. Condescending? Moi?

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And how does adoption help? There are already thousands of kids up for adoption and there doesn't need to be anymore.

If it's an infant it has a greater chance of being adopted then a older child, so it's much more likley that the kid would have a better life if the child is adopted..

Agreed on the abortion. Personally adoption is great but there are tons of kids in the world looking to be adopted. So glad the "infant it has a greater chance of being adopted then a older child" because infants don't grow up to be older children IF they aren't adopted as infants. Hell animal shelters have problems getting people to adopt pets and have to euthanize many of them. You can't with children (nor am I condoning it) but to think that every child needs to be brought into this world (especially in scenarios like this) seems wrong. I'd rather loving, supportize parents having kids than people like Octo-mom who just wanted to have a large brood (which we'll pay for because she's a single mom with no job - only money is from the freak/celebrity obsession we have as a society).

i also vote abortion. there are too many people, period. even if a baby would get adopted easily, there still don't need to be any more of us being made. also, the guy doesn't exactly have a choice to "not get involved." he fathered 2 children, now he's responsible for child support no matter where he lives.

nomadxx7, thank you for speaking some sense.

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you can tell who is naive here by looking at the "lolz just put it up 4 adopshun!!11 its so easy!!11" comments. Um are you forgetting the entire pregnancy and what the mom has to go through when relinquishing her must be nice to be so ignorant.

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I agree. Get abortions. That's ******.

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Because abotion should use when stupid little girls think that they are grown up enough to have sex. Abortion shouldn't be used as a contraceptive, unless the kid was conceived by rape or incest, NOT just because some little girls are too ******* stupid to use a condom or go on the pill.

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She was the one who had a one night stand and got pregnant. Why should she get the easy out of abortion? (and I'm not saying that the actual procedure of the abortion or the emotional effects of it is easy, just abortion in my opinion is not taking responsibility for your actions.) I understand that we are over populated and that there are too many kids up for adoption, but I don't see how thinking adoption is a better option is naive.

Poo my comment was cut short it said " oop Laura I

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well luckily abortions are legal because are legislatures aren't as close minded as some whiny pretentious teenagers. otherwise it would suck for all the people who've delt with a broken condom (the free ones from planned parenthood suck), the people who didn't know that taking antibiotics makes birth control not work, etc. Some of these comments sound like "ugh the skanky popular blonde girls just go out and **** every hot guy that I cant have and THATS what causes all the abortions! I sit on all day because I have no real friends!"

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kaleidoscope those people dont have lives you are right so why are you ruining the one place where they feel cool (fmylife), in real life they are probably bullied for being the weird fat girls so they come here and have dumbass convos about "sammiches" and stupid shit like that you should feel bad for them, especially the chick with the picture of a fat girl with short black hair

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Tons of kids needing to be adopted? Where did you get THAT gem of misinformation? Unless you're talking about older children (over 12 months) then you're dead wrong; there is a huge demand for adopted babies. These two loser chicks could help two deserving families who desperately want children but cannot have their own and give their babies a chance at a loving household instead of growing up a bastard with a single mom with no sense alongside a bastard step-sibling with another slutty single mom. If these two women have an OUNCE of compassion, they'll give these babies up for adoption so they have at least a shot at a decent life.

Uh Ye_Editor. I hope you do realize that kids are categorized as people under 18 years of age, not just babies. So you screaming that "Tons of kids needing to be adopted" is false, is completely wrong. I suggest you do some research before you start screaming your opinion and claiming it as 100% correct. Sure babies are in high demand for couples when they're adopting, but there are still OTHER children in adoption agencies also. Also, not ALL babies are adopted in the world. There are too many unwanted kids and not enough people looking to adopt to adopt them all. That's how about 90% of kids in adoption agencies whom are no longer babies are sitting around in the agencies waiting to be adopted and growing older each day. So in my opinion, the OP and her friend should either keep the babies if they're financially stable, or just get an abortion if they're going to be living off of welfare.

Let's not forget the jackass 'father', whose sole contribution seems to be running away like a chickensh*t. It's easy to pile on the women, but he's the one who has already quit on this situation. Abortions happen, in part, because of a-hole guys like this that assume no responsibility for what they did.

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What makes you think she is incapable of supporting a child just because she slept with a worthless excuse of a human being? We all make mistakes that doesn't mean she can't be a good mother.

janise 2

You do understand that when you have consensual sex you accept the risk of pregnancy be consenting to have sex don't you? Therefore anyone who has an abortion just because birth control failed is not taking responsibility for their actions. People are very well aware pregnancy could result when they have sex even with using protection and if someone doesn't know that then they have no right to be having sex to begin with.

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#289, agreed. There really is no checkpoint that says, "Not okay to kill anymore". I used to be pro-choice. But then I thought, hey, everyone needs a chance to live. If their life turns out crappy, I'm sorry. But they should at least have a chance.

"Why should she get the easy out of abortion?" Because she can. It's nobody's job to "punish" her for her actions.

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dude, you dont know that they didnt use protection, im ******* tired of people saying shit when they dont know. If the guy kept the condom, he could have accidentally made a hole or something, and shit like that is unpredictable

Abortion is wrong! You should not kill an innocent life, and if you don't want the baby then you should put it up for adoption because like said earlier, BABIES are in high demand and they are still BABIES, but if you do want to keep the baby, props to you and know you will always find support wherever you go.

I agree with you. At least this way their kids are related so they will be half siblings and lean on each other for support and they are already roommates. Most people would say that's a better situation than being pregnant single and all alone

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I was adopted. There's nothing wrong with it. If you abort then you are a murderer!

Guess you didn't think to ask your hookup what he thought about having an instant family.