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  CH723  |  0

73- OP has no right to keep the kid if it is not his and he divorces her. his wife may be having it but it does not make it his child in any way.

Fyl OP, you probably deserve better than that.


Its not the baby's fault his mother is slutty enough to cheat on her husband after 7 years of marraige w/ the brother. Its on the girl and the brother for betraying him SOO dont kill the girl until the baby is born and raise him as your own :)
FYL OP...harsh way to find out!

  Seldon_fml  |  0

Why in the world would he want to raise a child that isn't his? That's like the worst of both worlds. "Yes, I've divorced my wife, and I'm also raising the child of her infidelity". I'd rather take a swift kick in the balls than raise my wife's bastard child

  a1s  |  3

Well if the guy *is* infertile, raising a child that has 1/4 of his genes is better than some adopted Chinese baby. Biologically speaking at least...

  drawmesunshine  |  17

To #151 regarding #124:

I'm fairly certain the point behind that comment is that it's better to raise a child that is shares only 1/4 your DNA than a child that is completely genetically different. The 'Chinese baby' remark was most likely a jab at the trendy foreign adoptees.

The likelyhood that it was meant to be racist against Chinese babies is slim, so stop being so melodramatic and sensitive.

To OP:

That's an ultra bummer. ):

  NarwhalLove  |  0

I get the joke but why in the world would you ever consider killing a baby or abortion it's ur wides shed take care of it the kid never got to live y you can put it up for adoption if u don't want it but imagine if ur parents were stupid and got pregnant didn't want u and aboteded (abortion) you huh well y kill an innocent child for your/ her own stupid mistake

  a1s  |  3

yeah I though he married his sister who then cheated on him too. There's a nice padded cell somewhere waiting for me probably... 8)