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By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

I think your “wife” has some explaining to do.

  tibtak  |  20

Because when your “wife” is having a baby without you, she immediately becomes your “futur ex-wife”.

Of course there are some explanations and discussions, etc. But that’s still very likely

By  tounces7  |  27

Since she obviously isn't saying you got her pregnant, clearly there's more to this story, as I doubt she'd so openly admit to having an affair and then say you're also one of the parents.

So either she adopted a kitten, or something else similar.

By  awkardtaco  |  12

No, you. You're going to be a parent. You u cheated. your fuck up. She doesn't have to support you through that. don't fuck around in relationships

  awkardtaco  |  12

I misread and I apologize op.
can't edit or delete unfortunately