By ineedalife - 02/02/2013 12:08 - Australia

Today, I got so lonely I decided to make sock puppets and play with them. I played for four hours straight, only to be interrupted by a phone call. I didn't answer because my sock puppets were "on a date" and I didn't want to stop playing. FML
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Hey sock puppets are real people too. Well not really and based off my prior logic why were you third wheeling?

It ended well. They have a real close-knit relationship.


Hey sock puppets are real people too. Well not really and based off my prior logic why were you third wheeling?

Damian95 16

The nerve of some people.

rintintin19 5

seriously, OP should have answered the phone and given them some privacy...quit sock blocking, OP.

Third wheeling in hopes of a threeway?

Well you know about socks.

Did they have to put a sock on the door knob? Oh wait...

rintintin19 5

i'd love to see how that goes..

scarface90 8

If it turns into a hot date, make sure the socks use don't wanna end up with foot fungus

Or athletes foot

This original.... so...magnificent. How did you think of such a comment? You are a true genius.

RvidxrKlvn 8

Remember #2, every comment you make needs to resemble the work of Aristotle, Platos, Socrates and other great thinker of society because that's what FML is for.

OMG, LOL, WOW. Apparently #2 has a problem with complex words. Thanks for the informative comment. Now pass, because you have been token for too long. Remember it is puff puff pass.

Whaaaaaat734 6

49- You killed it...

Guys, I'm going to make a super original comment about how #2 made a super unoriginal comment! This thread needs more of that.

rintintin19 5

#33, i believe you mean sock-rates...i couldn't resist :s

49, can you not?

I think I've discovered the Internet equivalent of angry villagers at my door with torches and pitchforks...

everyone hating on #2's comment - it's fucked up that all of you are being so rude about a small insignificant thing. you sound like bullies.

Whaaaaaat734 6

116- Nobodycares.jpg

Bro you do have a life. Answer the phone next time.

Obviously he does not have a life, or he wouldn't be playing with sock puppets..

It's a female by the way

Answer the phone and sock it to em!

Starcatch77 20

What if the phone call had actually been a guy who wanted to ask her out on a date? THAT'S irony.

yusaku02 20

How did their date end?

It ended well. They have a real close-knit relationship.

iOceanus 18

She gets the sock on the first date.

It ended with one stiff sock and one crusty sock! Lol

There is nothing wrong with sock puppets. Still I ask myself: How old are you? ^^

...and how do you play with sock puppets for four hours. That is so sad.

Those damn phone calls interupting their date. F the sock puppets' life.

Interrupting sock puppet dates? Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

Hope you used clean socks otherwise there may never be a second date!

She can always wash them if they get a little dirty while performing ; )

Were they on a date at your place, or did you also construct a movie theater and bar for them? Oh, did the hit it off?

mangoboy1 19

The gangs all here...

eaglerob 20

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Socks don't, but panty hose do! (sp?)