By StupidNurse - 26/01/2012 21:57 - Germany

Today, I cut my finger with a knife while cooking. I work in a hospital and have to use hand disinfectant at least every twenty minutes. It hurts badly. I have to work for eight hours. FML
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Liquid bandage! Problem solved. Feel better :)

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Worst way to find out you have a paper cut; use purell.


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How exactly can you avoid getting it in the cut?

Bleeding while cooking in a hospital... Isnt that like a biohazard or something?

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Your at a hospital. Where they have good painkillers. Come on think.

Guys, she didn't get cut at the hospital. She got cut at home, but works at the hospital.

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Can't you use a band aid or liquid skin or latex gloves ?

15- The hospital has painkillers for people that need them. A little cut isn't shit compared to the real pain people experience

How bout putting some liquid bandages on it?

Liquid bandages could work. They hurt like motherfuckers at first but I would think they would keep bacteria and stuff out.

well ur in a hospital....ask a doc for a bandaid

11 - um, I believe she was cooking before her shift. That's kind of redundant

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I'm sorry but seriously? Fyl cuz you cut your finger...??

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This whole thread of responses is painful to read. You can't just "steal" the pain killers nor do they really stop the sting, avoiding cleaning the cut means your hands aren't getting cleaned in that area, and you are supposed to still sanitize after taking the gloves off. All I can say is soap and water as often as possible.

Liquid bandage! Problem solved. Feel better :)

Liquid bandage stings like a bitch on open wounds

Super glue the cut back. Not kidding. I have had friends do it on minor lacerations and it is okay. Just not a lot.

Yes, it stings like hell for a few seconds, but it's nothing compared to it stinging every 20 minutes.

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At least the wound will be nice and clean.

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I did that... I cut my index finger right on the ride of my top knuckle on the palm side of my hand, could see right through to the bone. Me being deathly afraid of hospitals, super glue that shit,(; Doesnt hurt OP. I promise,(:

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Actually, that's what superglue was invented for. It was an army medic thing. Personally, I'm too freaked out by the smell to use it on myself, but I guess if I were desperate...

Huh. You learn something everyday I guess. That's pretty cool to know, but I hope I don't have to use it.

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How about gloves, as you're suppose to use in the health field to keep bodily fluid off you.

#199 In the hospital you use disinfectant before wearing gloves.

Oh thank goodness, I was afraid I wouldn't get my daily dose of "GOTTER GIT FURST" comments.

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Actually it doesn't suck, it more of a burning like sensation..

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Water proof bandages? They should have them in your hospital. Stick one over your cut and you're good to go :)

Would you let a nurse with a sweaty water proof dora bandage touch you? I don't think so buddeh

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Idk I'm with 107... I would be skeptical to have a hospital employee with a potential germ infested bandaid touching me. Then again, every "water-proof" bandaid I've used hasn't been very reliable :/

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Good points, but the basic premise is a good one... Given that op is in a hospital, surely there's something that she can be patched up with.

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You're not allowed to wear bandaids if you work in a hospital. It has to be the liquid bandaids or gloves. If you choose gloves then you need to put on new ones for every room.

A nice big cup of quit ypur bitching will fix that

i dont didnt at least put a bandaid on your cut from a kitchen knife? o_o

How in the world would OP find a bandaid? It's not like she works at a hospital.

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You can't wear the band aid at the hospital, it's not sterile and will come off after a few washes. I don't know what you call it over there but in Aus I use 'opsite', it'll still come off after about 10 washes but it's a clear second skin that won't harbour micro-organisms.

Liquid bandaids? Where can I purchase such things?


Target, Walmart, Kmart, drug stores. Pretty much anywhere they sell band-aids. It's in a little bottle :)

Ohhhh those hurt soo much!!! Just saying:P

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on the briqhtside!(: your cut isnt qoinq to qet infected. ^,^

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Worst way to find out you have a paper cut; use purell.

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It's a hospital, the constant hand washing is so your hands don't get the gloves dirty.


You don't use the same pair of gloves your whole shift; you throw them away and get new ones between each patient. You're also supposed to wash your hands or at least use antibacterial disinfectant between patients.

you people who understand absolutely nothing about sanitation REALLY piss me off.

you people who understand absolutely nothing about sanitation REALLY piss me off.

They should make some sort of latex shield for your hand to avoid getting anything on your cut... Oh wait that's right it's called a glove. To bad hospitals don't carry those.

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You still have to scrub up, and sanitize your hands, washing your hands with gloves on kind of defeats the purpose.

She said hand sanitizer, and she isn't a surgeon. The alcohol is what burns, not soap and water

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You know surgeons can have nurses to help them out, and soap does burn when you get it in a cut sometimes, either way she still has to sanitize her HANDS not her gloves. You wouldn't want a nurse to have dirty hands under sanitized gloves touching you, and the equipment while you were in a hospital now would you?

A nurse with dirty hands touching you? I think that's the plot line to lots of pornos

ejones - Everyone who comes into contact with any patient in the hospital is supposed to wear gloves AND use either soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after touching the patient. It makes no difference if that person is a nurse, doctor, or custodian.

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Doc- Oh not!! you changed your profile photo! Damn