By Anonymous - 06/01/2014 19:13 - United States - Lexington

Today, I found out that someone had peed into the bottle of Febreze that we keep in the dorm bathroom. I found this out when I sprayed it onto my coat to get rid of a weird smell. FML
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Now introducing: "Peebreze"

Oh the joys of college.


Oh the joys of college.

Aww that stinks!

There are tons of different types of febreeze 23, the stuff we have at my house is liquid and comes with a screw off top.

Yeah, how'd that work out lol

Some of the febreeze bottles are just traditional squirt bottles and aren't pressurized.

49, as 68 said, there are spray bottles that are non - pressurized liquids. This is exactly what I meant when I said the type I have is a screw off bottle. I guess I should have been more clear, sorry! Also, it wasn't a public bathroom it was the dorm. That means the febreeze was probably placed there by a college attendee.

Now introducing: "Peebreze"

This is original

This is gold

Available in two scents, pissy lavender and asparagus.

Introducing Golden Rain and Yellow Snow - permeate the air with death, peebreeze.

marketing genius

Introducing: PeeBreeze from the makers of PissWasser...

I'm shocked there wasn't a sweet pee scent written on here. oh well. still, FYL, o pee.

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And quit your education I'm guessing? Seems legit.

College > high school

Are you dumb? if your using the "I'll pick the wrong degree and spend the rest of my life paying it off!" argument then gor to community college first so you can spend less money. If you feel it's tge degree you want you can transfer.

Skip it go to uni

You've got an even weirder smell now friend

well, at least now OP knows what the current smell is.

True enough

wash your stuff, and keep your clothes and a new bottle of Febreeze under lock and key?

Well, now you know to wash stuff instead of trying to cover up the smell with another smell.

Maybe they were in a hurry and were going to wash it when they could but had to use a last minute resort at the time:)

Maybe it was something he couldn't wash

I don't want to go to college now

Yeah you're right, this one off prank totally outweighs the benefits of a degree.

I was just joking?

jokes are supposed to be funny, not laaaaaame.

New drunk bum scented Febreze.

Never trust communal grooming products. Haven't you read enough Nair in the conditioner bottle stories?

Not sure if being kidnapped or in febreeze commerical