By bottombarrel - 28/10/2014 14:07 - United States - Greenville

Today, I was getting a pedicure to cheer myself up. I've been so lonely, I got overly excited when someone sat next to me, because I got to pretend I had a friend. FML
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drayloon 50

Have a conversation with them, maybe you can make a friend. Can't hurt to try


drayloon 50

Have a conversation with them, maybe you can make a friend. Can't hurt to try

awwwwwe OP I feel so bad for you! jk make an effort and talk to people if anything that would of been akward not to say anything to the person next to you

#58 There is this thing called social anxiety. Lots of people have it.

dacooliest 16

Exactly what I was thinking :) either you make a friend or it's super awkward but you never have to see them again! *hopefully*

Op could just go on like badoo or something to meet new people in their area, it can't be that hard to make friends

#2 you've got a friend in me too for that here's an upvote

tony1891 22

its always good to have a evil turtle as a friend.

An evil turtle with a Hannibal Lector laugh?

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Hey, as long as he doesn't have Hannibal's appetite we're fine ;)

tony1891 22

i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. slurps*

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should've struck up a conversation so you didn't have to pretend

Maybe you don't have friends now but if you socialize, it will happen sooner or later

Thumbed up #3's comment because he used "-'ve" correctly... Why are there so many "should of"/"would of"'s in comments?

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No I think you are onto something with l'lol. Someone call websters.

Hey, OP, it's hard making friends. But you'll never have any unless you put yourself out there. Go get'em, tiger!

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this post let me know I wasn't the only one with that problem

People aren't worth my time is my excuse.

Yeah same, I'm shy first meeting people so i understand, a little.

You notice how kids just I over and make friends so easily when they're young? It's hard once you get older to make and meet good friends . Good luck op .

maybe because you just need someone to play with as a child.

I'm really sorry, OP. Being lonely is the worst, you should join some clubs and groups that do things you like to do! Get out there and make some friends! :). In the meantime you've got the FML community as friends, so don't get discouraged, OP! The best is yet to come, and the good thing about friends is that if you have none yet, you can't lose any you can only make more!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, what's a friend? I've only heard of that term in folklore and legends, but is that a real thing? Can I have one?

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I'm guessing you graduated high school already?