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  LocsOn  |  13

awwwwwe OP I feel so bad for you! jk make an effort and talk to people if anything that would of been akward not to say anything to the person next to you

  skychu  |  18

Thumbed up #3's comment because he used "-'ve" correctly... Why are there so many "should of"/"would of"'s in comments?

By  Sakuraashita  |  15

I'm really sorry, OP. Being lonely is the worst, you should join some clubs and groups that do things you like to do! Get out there and make some friends! :). In the meantime you've got the FML community as friends, so don't get discouraged, OP! The best is yet to come, and the good thing about friends is that if you have none yet, you can't lose any you can only make more!