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  Keyman1212  |  14

Look on the bright side OP, I was on jury duty a few weeks ago, with a guy charged with exactly that, albeit with the caveat of a deadly weapon(I'm gonna assume that was the case for you too) and he got 30 years.

  facilitator  |  0

just saying, if it were me i would have raised my hands and said 'shoot'. before you call me crazy most robbers dont want to take a life for either moral or logistical reasons, so saying this would suprise him to say the least. then while he was stunned i would give him a titty twister and grab the gun (worked the last time, and that was paintball)

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

u could always use 2 or 3 twenty dollar bills. but a lot of people don't wanna accept 100s cuz the risk of them being counterfeit. and if u have the sign saying you dont accept such bills, potential robbers may not follow through cuz it wouldn't be worth their while.

  bluetorpedo  |  0

If your only filling $40 worth you've got one tiny ass car. Or your just stupid as hell. why would you pay for $40 of gas with a $100 note? use a card or go the to ATM if you really need that $40 of gas badly....

  stacianichole  |  2

anytime you get a check cashed or withdraw money from your account you have the option of receiving your cash in small bills. gas stations get robbed, keeping the drawer low is a tactic to deter robberies. let's say a robber sees a lot of large bills. that robber is more likely to hit that gas station than a place where all the cashier has is tens, fives and ones. get it? ask for $20's. done.