By jennlikewhoa - 18/07/2011 10:07 - United States

Today, I got robbed at the gas station I work at. After only getting $38 dollars out the register, the guy then stole my purse. It had my rent money in it. FML
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well I'm sure your landlord would understand that your money got stolen and give you some time..

no, he/she wont. They will show some sorrow amd maybe give you an extended date, but they will not allow you to skip rent no matter the cause.

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say he got into the vault somehow, then take the money :)

yes that's what I meant. an extended date. most landlords would give them a little bit of time unless yours is one of those asshole ones. either way the situation sucks

don't you gas station guys have one of those buttons under the counter and if you press it the cops will come? o_o

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Next time have a 12 gauge readyy.

Look on the bright side OP, I was on jury duty a few weeks ago, with a guy charged with exactly that, albeit with the caveat of a deadly weapon(I'm gonna assume that was the case for you too) and he got 30 years.

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YDI for working at a gas station... unless you're saving for college.

Jackpot!! Depending on where you live and what kinda apartment, rent money can be high as $1,500!

totaly agree 82 if you work at a gas station your life is probably a fail

Nobody that works an honest job deserves to get robbed; though when you work at a gas station it may not be best to carry large amounts of money.

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Large amounts of cash on person in this day and age OP? FYL(andlord) for not taking checks (giving you the benefit of the doubt)...

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Op, you should've seen it coming

Perhaps your landlord could make an acception, my father is a landlord and if he heard of the situation he wouldn't mind.

damn kid, it's exception, not acception. My phone doesn't even recognise that as a word.

just saying, if it were me i would have raised my hands and said 'shoot'. before you call me crazy most robbers dont want to take a life for either moral or logistical reasons, so saying this would suprise him to say the least. then while he was stunned i would give him a titty twister and grab the gun (worked the last time, and that was paintball)

I agree with 62, if where you live mugging is likely than get a license for concealed carry

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why the correction? maybe he means he would turn into urine

he wasn't correcting he was simply adding to the comment :P

84- Ah. the rare occasion where a comment literally makes me laugh out loud! Great job! :)

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well hes turning to urine. and his last name is colon. hmm...

#84 HELL YEAH!!!!!! FTW!!!!!! CAPS RAGE!!!!!!!

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2- I don't know about you, but in this situation I'd call the cops, not use the bathroom.

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well it's not like OP doesn't have an excuse

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38 dollars. Now that's gangsta!


Maybe you could get help paying rent from your boss?

or Captain America, he'll be out in 4 days

Not really. Even if op's boss is awesome

Only $38 in the register? You deserve it. What happens if I had come in with a $100 note and only filled $40 worth of gas. you won't be able to give me enough change.

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it's not uncommon for places to not accept bills over $20.

Wtf! honestly, how can you expect someone who pays in cash at a gas station to possibly fill less than $20. Thats just ridiculous.

With the price of gas nowadays you can't spend as little as $20.

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u could always use 2 or 3 twenty dollar bills. but a lot of people don't wanna accept 100s cuz the risk of them being counterfeit. and if u have the sign saying you dont accept such bills, potential robbers may not follow through cuz it wouldn't be worth their while.

actually #5 where I live in the gas stations theirs a sign that says the maximum that the person behind the register can have is $50

In the Tim Hortons I work at we take $100 bills... The coffee is $1.94 for an extra large... I don't see how a gas station wouldn't take a $100 bill.

If your only filling $40 worth you've got one tiny ass car. Or your just stupid as hell. why would you pay for $40 of gas with a $100 note? use a card or go the to ATM if you really need that $40 of gas badly....

95% + pay using a debit or credit card these days. It's not uncommon to have that LITTLE of cash in the register.

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where I live, gas stations won't take anything larger than a $50 after 10:00 because they only keep $100 in the drawer. during the day they'll take any bill.

uh.... not everyone completely fills their car when they get gas...

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"...after getting ONLY $38..." OP never said that was all that was really in the register.

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They deserve it because they didn't get enough people in to have over $38 in the register? Yeah, that makes sense.. if you're an idiot.

76, so you're saying there might have been more money in the register where the thief must have seen it, but they didn't take it?

I love the guy that says "your stupid as hell" ...sigh. lol :) And not all of us drive flatbeds bud, there's more to life then monster trucks and rhubarb pie!

how is it her fault that there was only $38 in the register!?

consider the price of gas..... mom has a colbolt and it's $50 from empty. plus it's not a flat bed, it's a 9'x7' box. custom made at work.

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anytime you get a check cashed or withdraw money from your account you have the option of receiving your cash in small bills. gas stations get robbed, keeping the drawer low is a tactic to deter robberies. let's say a robber sees a lot of large bills. that robber is more likely to hit that gas station than a place where all the cashier has is tens, fives and ones. get it? ask for $20's. done.

that cheap guy from two and a half men only fills $3.25 and he used $0.75 to buy a chocolate bar at the gas station :)

Why calm down? OP just got robbed and doesn't have money to pay rent.

well now he gets to be a homeless person!!!! i bet hell make some great friends..........

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its a she notice the word purse

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It's not a purse, it's a satchel!

You're screwed. Unless the thief was your landlord.

You are also screwed when it WAS him. I don't think the landlord would say: ''Ooohh. Don't worry, I robbed it.'' ;)

most tenets already think their landlord is a thief. mostly they are correct.

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Can you borrow from friends of family? FYL.