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By  Ugi  |  26

Dad or not, that's theft.

Now you could probably argue that you owe your dad more over your lifetime than $400, but that's no way to treat your kids and no example to be setting them.

Sounds like a great party thou'!


OP said step dad so most likely it was OP's mother paying for OP's expenses in that house judging by the step dad's choice to spend $400 that wasn't even his on alcohol, fireworks, and a sombrero.

  Ugi  |  26

Good point - I missed the "step" bit.

Still no way to set an example for "your" kid. I assume that OP is a kid and living at home so escalating it is going to cause longer-term problems but calling the police does seem a tempting option!


If it was my step father, I would hesitate to lock his ass up lol. When he goes to jail I would scream "your not my real dad!!" and if that didn't work one call to cps with a claim of child molestation should do it. lol
My mother did this to my little brother when he still was in high school. she stole like $900 from his savings account. He told my dad and he made sure she had it all back in there by the end of the month and he switched accounts. Maybe OP should tell the real father if they can and the mother, hopefully they would do something about it.