By Pissed - 21/10/2009 10:05 - New Zealand

Today, I was standing in the gas station, pulling out my wallet to pay the $100 of gas I just filled my car with. I opened my wallet and found a note saying "borrowed money for food". FML
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I'm going to make a wild guess; but New Zealand (Hawke's Bay) maybe?

You mean where "are" you from? I believe the comment says the man is from New Zealand (Hawke's Bay)... I say that next time check before you purchase, I always verify my cash before getting gas. I pay after it's pumped.

We pay after we've put the petrol in our car in Australia, unless it's late at night

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I don't think they were asking where the OP is from, I believe they meant to say "you pay after you pump where you ARE from?"

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That's always a pleasant little surprise, isn't it? I Now know to always check my wallet for cash when I leave the house.

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How can you pay before you pump if you're filling your tank? You wouldn't know how much it's going to cost.

You just have to guess. Usually half a tank will cost me approximately $15, so once you figure out how big your tank is it's not too hard to estimate how much you'll pay to fill it up. I usually pay for gas with my debit card though, so I don't have to worry about going back for change or paying again if it isn't enough.

The OP is from New Zealand. One New Zealand dollar does not equal one US dollar.

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If you pay by cash, you insert more than you think you need (or less if you can't afford to) and get the change from the cashier after. If you pay by card, you swipe your card and then pump gas. I've never seen a station where you paid afterwards, not in California anyway. That sucks, but damn that's expensive for gas. You should get a prius.

the NZ dollar is worth significantly less than the US dollar, so more dollars for petrol there. I'm from Australia, I've been to California once, and although I knew how many litres is in one gallon, I had no idea how many gallons of petrol our hire car took, and how to work out how much money the appropriate amount of gallons would be needed, so my first guess was a bit off but we at least had enough to get around for a day!!!

I have never paid before I pumped. Where are YOU all from!? Obviously not from where I am lol But, there are pumps with the option to pay before. Usually the pump stops when you hit the amount (say, you paid 15$, so the pump would stop automatically when it tallied to 15$... in merely requires basic estimation skills and for you to know your car) @OP: This is why I always check that I have money before I do anything.

@ #137: I live in BC, Canada and in Feb08 a new law was passed where you must pay first then pump no matter the time of day (before I think it was just after dark). This happened because of a young gas station attendant that tried to stop a drive-off customer and ended up getting run over by the car and dragged down the street to his death.

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You can either pay before or after in the U.S.!! I've seen it done both ways where I'm from; some gas stations make you pay before with cash to prevent people from stealing. Others don't care as much. OP: That sucks for you! Find whoever 'borrowed' that from you and, er, pay them back. With your fist.

The gas slows and stops when it gets to the prepaid amount. FAIL!

I am from New Zealand and we always pay for petrol afterwards. Not everybody in the world is from America, seriously.

... Why was my comment rated down? "Where are you from? Obviously not from where I am!" I just answered my own "rhetorical" question. I wasn't trying to be a bitch. In fact, jeeee, I seemed to also mention that you can pay before around here too.

Dude... shit goddamn I'm from BC too, I completely forgot about that. Way to depress the shit outta me, I remember I was just starting to drive when that happened and it messed with my head big time. :/

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I don't even pump my own gas at all. Yeah, New Jersey!!

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in response to several comments on here: yes we pay after we pump, unless it's at night. no NZers don't usually say gas, we say petrol, but I've noticed some people say things more like Americans... their shows kinda dominate our tv, plus movies, so I guess that has an influence. $100 is NZD so with $1.60 per litre for petrol (not sure what that converts to in gallons - we don't use that measurement) it could easily cost $100 to fill a car... mine costs about $90 and its only a 1995 1800cc Honda Accord - imagine what a V6 or V8 would cost? and groceries... depends on what you like! if i bought budget stuff it would be about $50 per week, but I spend $70ish... so the OPs friendly thief could have expensive taste or be buying for more than one!! so no this is not a fake FML! why doesn't everyone concentrate more on the actual FML instead of playing misinformed minor detective?!!

You give them however much money and tell them what pump you're at and the pump stops automatically when that amount is reached.

What the? Are you smoking? Every gas station I've seen is pay after in Cali.

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I lived there for 10 years and every gas station u pay before

Here in Australia, we pay after we pumped the petrol in the tank. Maybe because of trust issue?. To those who still think that paying after sounds fake. I guess you guys need to travel to different places MORE! FYL people!

I'm from Canada and every gas station around here is pay after, although some now have the option to prepay at the pump with a debit/credit card. The only time I use the prepay though is if I only have like 20$ to put in, because it automatically stops when you hit your paid amount, so it's easier.

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Doesn't everywhere? Lol. Well all of Australia do

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k so what the ****, how much is a New Zealand dollar worth in america?

I can easily spend close to $100 to fill my tank in Canada with the premium gas (which is better for your car)

About .80cNZ= 1US. And gas in NZ is 2.29 a lt

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100 US$ = 108.412836 Australian dollars

I love the exchange rate at the moment :D Guess the GFC has to have some sort of upside haha

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food costs 100 bucks here for two people for two weeks, and that's only if you don't eat very much and skip a few meals.

Exchange rate is approx 1USD = 0.75NZD at the moment. So what, it'd be like US$133?

Whoops that's 1NZD = 0.75USD... so around US$75

it's great isn't it!!! pity it wasn't like this when I went to the USA earlier this year!! I only got US75c to the dollar, not 92!!!! but flights were cheap as.

I've always been so scared of that happening to me! I would have no idea what to do... maybe just stand there and cry or beg money off other drivers haha

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Maybe they dont have a credit card or a Bank account..when can you get your driver's license in NZ btw?

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FIRST!! and besides don't you pay first then pump gas?

complete fail at being first :) you pay after you tank up in everywhere i have heard of, as you wouldnt know how much to pay otherwise!

In most places in the US you pay before you pump. Then they measure out how much you payed for and only give you that much. That way people don't just fill up and drive away.

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I'm used to always paying after, but then again I live in NJ. I always wondered how other states did it.

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where i live some places you have to pay first, others you don't. when you do, they give you a receipt, and if it doesn't take that much to fill up your car, they give you the rest of your money back.

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ydi for having a car that needs 100$ for a full tank. Reduce Reuse Recycle! stop killing the earth with your inefficient vehicle.

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Agreed. However, not everyone is in the financial position to go out and purchase a newer, more efficient car right now. Invest in a bicycle.

First of all, NZ$100 = US$75. Second of all, nothing in the fml indicates the efficiency of the vehicle so we don't know how often he fills up his tank.

New Zealand uses dollars? also he could have had a larger fuel tank installed so he'd have to stop for gas less often.

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$75 is still a RIDICULOUS amount of money to pay for gas. Unless it's super expensive there. Shit. I spend $25 and it gets me from empty to full!!!

Depends where you're from. In the netherlands, it will cost you that, EASILY, if not more.

The current price for gas in Hawkes Bay, NZ is $1.69 (I'm assuming per liter). That's $6.41 per gallon, which is $4.82 per gallon in US dollars using the current exchange rate. His $100 of gas only bought 15.6 gallons. That's the size of tank a small to mid-size car has. Next time think a bit before saying someone "deserves it for killing the earth with an inefficient car."

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my dad used to have to pay that much, and our gas prices aren't that bad compared to other areas. but he had a huge truck :P some people need big trucks though, so yeah.

just because it has a big tank/costs a lot to fill doesn't mean it uses a lot.

petrol is quite a bit cheaper in the USA than in Australia or NZ.

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Damn how'd you get through that one.

mercy - I read that as "homos and beggars" at first.