By fthislyfe - 18/07/2011 07:09 - Netherlands

Today, in an amphitheater, someone hit the back of my head. As I turned around, the guy apologized and said he mistook me for his friend. I changed seats, and after a while, I got hit a second time. He was wrong again. FML
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why did you change seats?

Ah, the old "Hit someone and claim you thought it was someone else" trick. He hadn't made a mistake - he just wanted to smack a bitch.


Fucking sucks to be you.

he doesn't like you.

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It wouldn't suck as much if OP punched the guy in the face and said "Sorry, I thought you were my friend"

learn how to duck

14, Because we all have eyes in the back of our heads...

marinus is a genious dammit ..i laughed so hard haha

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15- You dont have eyes in the back of your head? Damn. Youre missing out. But then again, I dont generally slap my friends upside the head in the theater.

having eyes on the back of your head is essential for a lot of things. my personal favorite being doggystyle

Dolphin - but that wouldn't make any difference, unless you're the one on all fours

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33: I think that's what 26 was implying.

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Yeah I think the back of my head was so similar to that person. (wow my FML was posted again! I'm so excited :D)

Maybe you shouldn't have switched seats?:p

Did he yell "Boom! headshot!"

He was hitting on you. ;)

I think it's more of the guy's FML.

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Should've hit the dick in his dick, simple and sweet. :3

I actually sympathise with the guy. I could have made the same mistake. Twice. :(

I don't think it was a mistake... ever seen the guy around?

hé ben jij NL?

why did you change seats?

Maybe because random fucktards were battering him? Just a thought.

if she didn't change, the guy would have remembered it wasn't his friend sitting there.

fthislyfe 22

2 reasons: I got angry I thought he might be playing pranks on me so I changed my seat

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what kind of question is that? if someone hits you in the back of the head do you want to sit in the same place? i would have assumed the guy would be more careful next time he wacks someone. he was probably playing a prank.

hehe fucktard.......

72. thank you for your thoughtful and highly contributing comment. please refrain from speaking as your making my head hurt from an overload of stupidity.

73 u just got told- nice goin 95 ;)

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hahahahaha, punch him! it would be better than the movie!

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hey you're kinda cute :).. just joking you're a douchebag for having that photo.

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Try finding a seat somewhere far away from that dude.

he will still probably punch OP again...

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Just sit behind him...

Maybe he likes you?:O

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plot twist : he is gay...

just have sex with him... problem solved

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sex does not solve all problems.... mostly :)

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Hmm, I thought it was impolite to hit a woman... erm, I mean illegal. Seriously, I don't give a damn what gender you are. You hit me, I hit back.

The same with animals! If a dog humps my ankle, I'm humping back!

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your disgusting!

My disgusting what? You didn't finish your statement.

24 you wouln't hump a dog if it did it to you? Then why you give yourself that name? If you want to keep that name I suggest you make sure you give that puppy, love. As trolls would put it, "Beastiality FTW!"

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I thought that part of the FML was the guy thinking OP was a dude, but that's just me I guess.

that's when you accidentally spill your drink and popcorn on him

If at first you don't succeed, hit that bitch again.