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Today, I got really bored so I posted on Facebook "Someone should kidnap me for the day." My mom commented, "The only things willing to kidnap you are aliens, and that would be because they'd mistaken you for a cow." 16 people liked her comment. FML
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call her a cow. thats an insult from where i am from in england

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Pretty sure it's a insult everywhere.. Go to the gym!


call her a cow. thats an insult from where i am from in england

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Pretty sure it's a insult everywhere.. Go to the gym!

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But cows are such beautiful, majestic creatures, and they give is milk and cheese.

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16 ppl must have been abducted and mistaken for a cow

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Be proud, OP. Cows are cute and useful. Sounds like a compliment to me.

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19- We already see enough of "those" comments on YouTube

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I know but it was the first thing to come to my mind besides a pun

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well diddly di dam you got me haha

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Thisismyreign, you do realize that your comments are getting thumbed down for a reason right?

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20: You're a big cute useful cow!

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65 - you kno yours are also but it's all good it's a website

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Why thank you, 68. I'm happy you can put our differences aside and compliment me so sincerely!

:( well...that isn't what mothers say.... I feel bad for you...

Maybe not in India cows are Gods to them.

Just post her real age on her wall that will piss her off. And you'll get you revenge.

shanemaximo 7

Eat field mushrooms and poison her with your milk!

65, you go on and on about how smart you are and how you like to correct people, but when you get corrected you tell people that it doesn't matter, you don't rate intelligence based on spelling/grammar etc. So how do you rate it? Because that pretty much defines it. If you can't get your point across intelligently then you might as well stay quiet, instead of having people think of you as a hypocrite and a fool.

nonamericandolla 6

That's so sad for a mother to say it to her own kid...

Cynical_in_SK 6

Yes...milk and cheese, but they also give us steak! Mmm...steak. Excuse me now...I'm heading out to the nearest steakhouse. :)

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Doesn't matter if cows are cute and useful if that's not what her mom meant. Pretty sure it wasn't a compliment.

desireev 17

131- I'm sure the mother was just kidding. My Mom used to tease me about being so skinny-mini and tell me that I was the founder of the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Comitee. And since I've had my son, she teases me by calling me a "shit-brick-house" and "Big-Booty-Judy" and stuff like that. I am 99.999% sure OPs Mom was just kidding.

Kara_rated 5

154- Yeah, I'm sure she was kidding, I wasn't saying she wasn't, its just someone said something about taking it as a compliment, but you can't take something as a compliment if the person meant it to be insulting.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

OP deserves it. I hate it when people post statutes that are as ridiculous as "kidnap me for the day" and all that bull crap. It's stupid.

Uhhh #160, Where did you got that OP is a goverment official? I'm pretty sure citizens can't post statutes of their own. Your comment was useless...

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166- what in the name of cheese are you talking about!?

KeyboardWarrior - I looked up the word "intelligence" in several dictionaries and funny enough, none of them say ANYTHING about spelling/grammar. Webster defines it as "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations". Spelling/grammar may be an aspect of intelligence but it in no way defines it.

176 But see what you did there? You got your point across by typing like an 'intelligent' human being. That's what I mean. If you gave me the definition of another word claiming it to be the definition of intelligence, I would call you out on it. And if you were to say "oh it doesn't matter, I'm still smart" it would mean you are not only a hypocrite, but a fool. My point is, why half ass it? If shes as smart as she claims, she should at least look the part. You know, talk the talk and walk the walk.

And quite frankly I don't like being corrected by someone with 10+ spelling and grammar errors in their profile (silentbutfunny). It doesn't make her look smart, but either really stupid or really arrogant.

87- And yet, "HA HA" You know…from your picture :P hehe well not that it REALLY is HA HA but yeah... Never mind! Lol

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If you say "meme reference" it defeats the purpose of a meme.

puppypuncher 5

I see what you did there. Meme reference

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I can understand how you wouldn't speak Ginger, Gaelic is a tough language to master...

GoW_Chick 14

We all know we have to keep using Meme references, or domo-kun will get you, just ask a ninja. :)

109-- I don't always thumb down comments. But when I do, it's because you insulted memes.

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GovernorGeneral 8
GovernorGeneral 8

I mainly said that^ to go with my picture xD #2s picture looks like gazelle or however you spell it from tvo kids o_o

The_Troller 14

Wait... three people have meme-related profile pictures all in a row, on a thread related to memes...? ALIENS

Your mom was really yanking your udders(sp?)

This all seems like a big moosunderstanding to me.

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

How cow-d she say that to her own daughter... Oh god, that was a horrible pun. -.-

Bahahaha.. Ohh man. This Fml gave me the giggles.

-10 points for failure of alien folklore. Aliens MUTILATE cattle. They abduct PEOPLE. Most of the instances of aliens abducting cattle have been jokes - aliens trying to follow human ideas of UFO behavior and getting it a bit wrong.

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You need some milk to lessen that burn OP?

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Make sure the milk is SPF 30 though.

xbella 8

well you probably do get your looks from her ..

Tell her "I came from you. Call me a cow, LOOK AT YOURSELF. SHAME".

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[EDIT] My comment teleported. And it wouldn't make sense out of context.

Torva_fml 16

I have no clue why, but I read this is "your bitch is a mom"...... I was totally confused For about 10 seconds there.

GoW_Chick 14

Aww OP's dog had puppies, adorable! Can I have one?

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OP is probably offended by now lol

KiddNYC1O 20

You guys are starting to sound like Nicki Minaj.

desireev 17

94- I am sensing that you feel the same way I do about Nicki Minaj. Get on YouTube and look up "What Nicki Minaj wants in a man", posted by Jenna Marbles. I swear you will fall out of your chair laughing! Let me know how you enjoyed it. Jenna Marbles is an absolutely hilarious blogger. After you watch her video, you should subscribe to her vlog.