By WhatdyaDo - 16/03/2009 09:55 - Canada

Today, I spent a solid four hours and over one hundred dollars preparing a nice fancy meal for my new girlfriend. A delicious three pound rack of ribs with a sweet and sour marinade. Steam broccoli with melted cheese. Home made buttermilk biscuits. I serve the meal. She doesn't eat beef. FML
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That sucks, but before you go all-out on a meal like that you should at least know what she likes and doesn't like.

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awww :( i eat beef, when's dinner?? :P


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Ah that sucks. But you probably should've known that she didn't eat meat.

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Well, vegetarianism shouldnt exist. It's called the food chain, hippies.

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Humans have always eaten meat, it's called the food chain

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I'm a vegitarian and she can just not eat the meat the other stuff sounds good she should apreciate a guy that can cook

Do you know this "girlfriend"? Doesn't sound like it since you over looked a huge aspect of her life style. Besides sweet n sour isn't for ribs, that's gross. I bet she wouldve quit her veggie eating ways had they been true southern BBQ ribs!!!

it says 'new girlfriend', this could be a first date or something. not ALL vegetarians are the assholes who won't stop talking about how much better they are because they don't eat meat. he could quite easily not have known.

I eat beef what time should I be over??)

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YDI I can't believe you didn't bother to ask her about preferences. They do that much on airlines and conferences.

Bull shit, it's not common especially if he was trying to surprise her. Have some sympathy

Is she from India? Really, though, you should ask about these things. Also, for all of you who assumed she's vegetarian, he said 'she doesn't eat beef', not meat.

what the hell is " is she from India" supposed to mean? people from India are not the only ones who don't beef!!! stop making it about any specific race...

Hey #205 , You mad bro? Did you get diarrhea from eating all that curry?

Hey #211, u ******* dumb **** .. All ur fat hairy american ass can do is eat ur hamburgers n shit... That's why ur country is in a shithole Right now

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awww :( i eat beef, when's dinner?? :P

oh yess, if it wasn't prepared 6 years ago I would come to eat dinner!

That sucks, but before you go all-out on a meal like that you should at least know what she likes and doesn't like.

On the bright side, now you can have your delicious meal all to yourself.

Oh well at least you know early so you can dump her. :)

I don't know why you're thumbed down... I agree.

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Yes, because that's a completely reasonable reason to break up with someone. I bet you get all the girls, champ.

What the hell, you dump her because she doesn't eat beef. Jesus, I'd hate to see what kind of ridiculous reason you'd come up with to break up with someone.

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Dude you should at least know what your girlfriend likes before you cook all that for her. And why would you do that when you don't even know what she likes??? When you make a dinner like that your supposed to get her favorite meal details and then do that. Seriously. But it could have been worse. She could have been a vegan.

At least you get the leftovers. I hope this is a new girlfriend, because if you have been out with this person more than a few times, you just haven't been paying attention to her.

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wouldnt you know if your own girlfriend didnt eat beeef? YDI