By flattened - 10/02/2011 10:58

Today, my mum got an electric car. It's so quiet that we could hear the bones of my cat break as we reversed over it on the driveway. FML
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I agree! Poor cat and what car is that quiet?

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My dad has a hybrid and you can hardly hear it, I'd imagine full electric ones are like ninja cars.

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I said the exact same thing #1! That has got to be traumatizing!

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This FML is so sad but I can't help but laugh that commenter #1 has a cat picture and at the "What is this... I don't even..." face your cat has in the picture... lmao

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I heard a euro country has a law that ecars had to play a mp3 of a car sound to let others know it's coming. I would choose "it's a small world after all" on infinite loop.

apparently a bunch of blind people sued against hybrids and electric cars because they couldn't hear them coming.

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#130, Do you not know the definition of blind, or are you just being a ******* troll? I'm going to go with the latter because, frankly, every time I see you post it's something completely beyond the level of mental retardation. I'll define blind for you, since obviously you're too stupid to look it up yourself, let alone argue about it. Blind - adjective 1. unable to see 2. uncontrolled 3. not based on reason or judgment 4. hidden 5. having no outlets. Does that in any way sound like someone not being able to hear? I didn't think so. Do yourself and the FML community a favor, and don't post unless you have something to say that makes sense or has a logical explanation. Idiot.

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84, after going to Disneyland that song is the only thing that plays in my nightmares.

geez, 143 is the real idiot here becuz if u can't c something coming cuz ur blind and can't hear it cuz it's ninja like, how the hell are u supposed to know it's coming towards u? That was what 130 was referring to. i am I the only one with common sense here?

#149, Where in #130's comment did you see him refer to FML, and compare it to that at all? Please, enlighten me. He clearly stated in his comment that blind people cannot hear, while pointing to the above comment. Therefore, the way I understood his comment is that he said blind people cannot hear. By definition, blindness is defined as the inability to see. Unless otherwise stated that that the person in question is, in fact, deaf too. Your argument is invalid. Ready to accept defeat?

Zmeilerr, you honestly believe he doesn't know blind people can generally hear? Come on, when you attack someone like that it just seems like you're looking for an easy way to feel superior.

rallets 22

lmfao Zmeiler, rickolette is completely right. i was referring to the comment above me, hence the arrow. you idiot. **** off and stop trying to sound smart, you only come off looking like a jagoff ;D haha but youre right about me trying to be a troll :) im glad you read my comments though, thanx bro, i do it for you people :D but maybe try taking some anger management classes? perhaps some midol? you people that try always try to sound smart always seem like youre on your rag all the time..lighten up dude, its the internet. welcome to the matrix, blue or red? haha but seriously, this rant is going on for quite awhile now, guess i should probably say my point... ...ah **** it -_-

#159 No. Zmeilerr was saying that you are incorrect- Blind people CAN see. You said otherwise. and SiobahnR was saying that because THE CARS were so quiet that because they rely on hearing they would have no clue that the cars are coming - not because they can't hear at all!

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#162 Yes. am i the only one that things its blind people that cant see? and deaf people cant hear? im right, arent i? thats what i thought. whats with all these idiots saying that "blind people cant hear"?

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152 thinkth we should all shuth upth (hehe)

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I bet your mom feels horrible:(

Wow zmeiler you sounds like a stuck up bitch. God have mercy on the poor soul that dates you.

Wow Seanders, you kind of sound like a douche. Was that really necessary to say? Did you run out of so many things to say that you just had to resort to an insult? How low.

#1 Your cat is very beautiful, I want it!

he meant they can't HEAR the cars coming because the cars are so QUIET.

blind people cannot hear the CAR but they can hear the car is silent so they dont hear it. the end. but wh- ITS THE END HSSJSNJSNSJSOSIEHWOWK *eats your head*

no there is a buzzing sound like a bee

Raiden Wins FATALITY flawless victory

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my question is did they stop when they heard the first sound or power through?

This happened to me with my friend's cat. It is horrible and it the sound is also horrible.

Would you rather: Kill a cat and hear it, but save thousands of more animals; OR Kill a cat and not hear it but kill thousands of animals because of pollution? 1 animal or 6501?

I bet that sound will haunt you forever : FYL :(

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Tell me about it. I once accidentally ran over a baby mockingbird with my car. I even heard the air in its lungs pop. It still haunts me. To this day, I'm unable to eat chicken wings without thinking about the poor birdie. I bet the op will no longer be able to eat.... Well you can fill in the blank.(:

or you can over come that sound by gorging on chicken and OP can gorge on chinese food and you both will be able to overcome by consuming the power that is within the food that you are eating...NOM!

Hanibal: "Can you hear them Clarisse?" Clarisse: "yes" Hanibal: "What are they doing Clarisse? Clarisse: " Screaming. They're all just screaming.

I thought it said "Today my mother got the electric chair. It was so quiet-" O_o

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I sincerely hope that you are kidding. At least try to have a heart. FYL OP, I know how you feel and I know how how that sounds. It's bad enough even with the engine running. Hope you'll be able to get over it.

27 blow it out your ass, cats are soulless creatures it's not like op ran over a kid or anything.

That is not "awesome". Something is wrong with you.

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muffpuncher, I won't comment on the 'soul' thing, but at least a cat has a heart, warm blooded, and a beating heart. You sir, have a piece of rock instead. I can't wait for the day they make an all-electric semis to run over the likes of you and think how awesome that is... but I'll just end up reducing myself to your level, so I won't do that.

soul = mind, will, emotions. Therefore, cats have souls.

Those who have a soul would have more respect then that over living things, so yeah your the one who's soulless

heeeeey.. he make'uh fun'of'ah caaah.. we not gaaay.. HE gaaay!

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it's actually "our cah not gay... he gay!" if your gonna quote, please do it right

If you're going to correct someone, please do it with correct grammar. Love, Your favourite Grammar Nazi

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if you are going to correct someone try spelling favorite correctly.

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*Hangs head in disappointment after reading comment 53*

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This is a website not a book. Grammar does not have to be perfect and I really don't think anyone cares about you correcting anyone. Your just a thorn in everyone's side on this app. ;)

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59- You can't even spell Kingston right; the city you live in. I think you should be just about the last person to comment on grammar and spelling.

Goza, do yourself a favour (oops, there it is again!) and look up "British English versus American English spelling". It'll be an eye-opener for you. Hotness, grammar is important even here. When incorrect grammar is used repeatedly, it becomes a habit. The chance of you using the incorrect "you're" like you did (hopefully sarcastically) on an essay or in a work-related report or on a job application will go up. I'm just trying to help.

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66 If they were saying grammar IS important I can understand you telling them not to comment on grammar but since they were saying its not that important, then i think its okay for them to misspell something without you nagging them.

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I did and you are right. my bad.

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68- I'm nagging him because the idiot can't even spell the name of the city he lives in?? Anyone who tries to argue that grammar isn't important is usually illiterate themselves; he is just my case in point. Therefore, he should not comment upon the matter.

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You placed two question marks instead of one.

Double question marks are generally used to drive the point home a bit harder. It's not an error, just adding emphasis.

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how about this, WHO GIVES A FLYING F$@&K!!!! for once I would like to enjoy these fmls without annoying grammer nazi's. HOW ABOUT THAT!?!

It works both ways -who gives a **** what you would like? I appreciate the people on this site who care enough to correct grammar. Learn from your mistakes, thank them, get on with your life. It only turns into an issue when people like you retaliate with "I have a right to be an idiot" or some other similarly ridiculous reasoning.

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they dont care, they just want to feel better about themselves somehow, somewhere. and you dont exactly want to thank them if they correct you with an attitude, act bitchy about it, and insult you. theyre really more idiotic than the people who misspell something

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Imaginaryfoe- you can go lick it.

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there are multiple spellings of the word favourite F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E is one way and F-A-V-O-U-R-I-T-E is another, it can depend on where you live in the world

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RiskiBusiness 1

Favourite is a world. I spell favorite as favourite, color as colour, tire as tyre, so on.

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well... on the plus side at least the cat learnt it's lesson... it won't be hiding behind the car wheel any time soon.