By Anonymous - 13/01/2010 21:41 - United States

Today, I did a 'dine and dash' and left my phone in the restaurant. The owner answered my phone call. FML
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This shouldn't be an FML because It's clearly you're fault that you were ******* stupid enough to leave your ******* phone behind.

Is it me or do we have a lot of FML's from nor-de-pa..erm something france?

When no location is given, it defaults to France. Not that this counts because it says Virginia. :D


FML was orginally a French site, so that isn't too suprising.

Totally deserve it for stealing from the restaurant.

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ydi haha but that sucks though

cos he got caught breaking the law because he is stupid.. and a thief. YDI for being so stupid that you think you can do whatever you like.. i hope they pressed charges

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i hope they press charges too, i read a book today called 100 most infamous criminals. How the **** did this guy not make the list? i'd give him atleast top 20.

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Infamous? No. Dumbest? Yes. Also, if this FML happened fairly recently, how would it be in your book?

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#156 you don't honestly think I am being serious when I compare someone from a dine and dash to a murder?

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^ I.. er.. uh.. actually did.. *sighs* Oh look, cookies! nom nom nom...

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lol your comment is cute! to the person above me :D

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why, thank you :) here, have a waffle (^'-')>#

oohh that's spoof cute. for your cuteness you can have a hug (>'o')> <('o'<) haha

I ment soooo not spoof the thingy on the phone changed it sorry haha

um... this should probably be on failblog...

you spelled dumb wrong. o how i love irony

Oh, I love irony too... almost as much as I love the hypocrisy of you criticizing someone else's comment like that.

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umm, so? the owner was just trying to be kind by letting you know that your phone was in safe hands. how is this an fml? I dont understand xD

"Dine and dash" means they eat, then leave the restaurant without paying.

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Well, it isn't an FML because the poster TOTALLY deserved it...they essentially robbed a restaurant. As someone who has worked as a server at a restaurant before; I say I hope the OP gets max punishment for theft. What a dumbass. YOU SUCK

o stop being such a queer. thats like if a person steals some bubblegum and saying YOU ROBBED THE STORE OF 10 SENSE IM CHARGING YOU FOR ROBBERY! yes i realize a meal cost more than a piece of gum, but u probably get lots of customers so suck it up

Aha, I was wondering when the bottom of the barrel was going to get here. #224? It's about time you showed up; I was almost regaining some measure of faith in humanity. $20-$80 on average depending on the establishment. The server has to pay it so you're stealing from a person, not from "The Man". Waiters and waitresses are not rich, so there's no Robin Hood delusion... Dine-and-dash is basically equivalent to a mugging without the violence. Do you go around mugging people, austin? Or are you a pussy who can only pick on people who are forbidden to fight back?

see #224 for retarded, unthought about post. first of all cents* second the establishment has to buy the ingredients and pay people to serve and cook this food and it isn't cheap. besides you shouldn't even steal gum even if it is one cent.

Because they left the restaurant without paying for their meal, and the owner found their phone, so they had to come back to pick it up. Pretty embarrassing.

Um...then don't dine and dash next time?

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No, no, no! That NEVER works!

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You are a sleaze-ball for doing a dine and dash. What kind of idiot even thinks this is an FML? YDI all the way.