By Death By Parent - 19/07/2014 22:38 - United States

Today, I was browsing the People of Walmart site, chuckling at all the weirdos on there, when I came across a picture of my mom. FML
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TorturedXeno 27

Could be worse. It could have been a picture of you.

What was she on there for?


What was she on there for?

Probably the usual, butt crack hanging out, tattoo failure, or questionable attire

Maybe for wearing pj's

wait which picture?

TorturedXeno 27

Could be worse. It could have been a picture of you.

That's definitely where I thought this FML was going.

Same but hey its no big deal if your mom is on it so you're all good

Thank god it wasn't another "less appropriate" site at least!

My brother found his elementary school math teacher on one of those...

Elementary My Dear Watson

Well that's disturbing. Hopefully she was one of the less awful ones?

You should show her the picture haha.

Not the greatest self esteem booster.

I had the same idea, but you'd have to prepare yourself for the Ass-Whoopin' of the Century afterward. The big question is: "Is it worth it?"

It's always worth it.

Or walking around in public wearing daise dukes and a sports bra while being massively overweight and a guy...

I don't think that that's the best idea.....

Print it, then frame it! That's what I would do. Of course, my mom and I have a weird relationship...

OP, I have no words. Just fix it, okay?

What do you expect OP to do?

What exactly if OP fixing?

Well 10 and 13, they can easily fix it by going up to their mother, and quickly saying, "So mom... I saw you on this website." Then the awkwardness begins.

But that isn't fixing anything..

But it is, 64. It's telling their mother to fix theirselves. It's not to hard to comprehend. Maybe I'm just being a dick. But if my mother was on the website, I'd tell her. Be like, "mom, fix yo shit."

Haha you should show her that!

katebond 16


Yeah, let's make OP's mother feel horrible about herself. Because that's always a great thing to do to your own mother. *sarcasm*

Ah have a laugh stop taking things seriously.

The need to put *sarcasm* on FML is so weird. I feel you could write a very sarcastic comment, but if you don't specify, you will get the shit beat out of you with dislikes.

Please tell us why she was on there!

Maybe you could find more constructive activities ?

Ha, fair enough.