By Nucleus - 08/10/2015 13:48 - Sweden - Stockholm

Today, I complained about being bored to death on Facebook. Someone took it as a suicide threat and called the police. They showed up at my apartment and my workplace. FML
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At least you know someone cares about you

They might be stupid as hell but at least they care enough to try to help.


At least you know someone cares about you

or might just be a troll who's bored to death..

If you're worried someone is suicidal, talking to them should always be the first option and calling 911 should only happen if there isn't any other way of helping them. Immediately jumping to calling the cops can make someone too scared to talk about suicidal feelings if they come again, and instead self-isolate. Psychiatric abuse and institutionalization happens all the time, whereas many suicidal people just need some support, someone to show they care, etc. I've been institutionalized and abused in psych wards; I've also had suicidal urges stemmed by a friend coming over and spending the night watching shitty TV with me. Tl;dr, someone calling 911 about a Facebook status is not someone caring. At best, it's someone making a minimal effort to pretend to care. At worst it's a malicious prank.

Don't assume the worst. Not everyone knows how to talk down someone who's suicidal. They might be scared of not being able to help, and so called 911 because they didn't know what to do. It's always best to err on the side of caution.

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I think its more about someone loving drama.

Also #12 most people are told that if someone is threatening suicide then they should contact 911 or a councilor immediately. Most people are not equipped to talk someone out of suicide and calling the police may be the only way they know how to help. Don't just assume that people who call the police don't really care, if they didn't care then they would have dismissed the threat

Most people who are institutionalized need to be institutionalized. And psychiatric abuse isn't nearly as rampant as you are claiming. My friends who will tell you it's super boring and a lot of talk therapy. Most people don't know how to talk someone down from suicide or how to make them feel better enough to get help. And while watching tv with a friend might have helped you if someone hadn't called professionals for my friend she'd be dead.

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What did your workplace say?

At least someone's looking out for you OP

Hey, when police arrived at your doorstep you are no longer bored.

luckily he or she cares enough to take extra caution :)

They might be stupid as hell but at least they care enough to try to help.

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Wow hope that person has fun explaining that bs to the police

"Yes hello Sir, we're the boredom police, we got a call about this residence."

Wouldn't that be great though? To have like a squad of people that you can call up when you're bored and they'll bring you a card game or movie tickets or a comic book or something.

The Boredom Police throws a beach ball at your head. Heads up!

40: Well no, because this squad is available all of the time. My friends live far away from me and I can't drive so it would be cool to have access to new entertainment whenever I need it.

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At least you know someone cares!

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Why the exclamation point? Why you so mad?

on one hand it's nice enough that someone cares. on the other hand I can see how that would be kind of annoying.

Well, that's one way to cure someone's boredom.