By fuckcops - 13/06/2011 19:06 - United States

Today, I got my paycheck. I was really excited since I've been broke for the last two weeks. On my way home, I got pulled over and got a ticket for expired tags. The $90 for new tags plus $135 for the citation will leave me with enough to buy a burger. FML
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At least you get a burger!(:

Maybe renew your tags on time like a responsible adult and this won't happen.


At least you get a burger!(:

YDI for not renewing them

ydi for not staying up on your registration. Seriously let's be responsible people!

UFO for not having a real job. I mean just over $200 for two weeks? there is no way you can live on that.

flockz 19

time for the dollar menu...

OP... "fuckcops"? No... **** your your ass for being a selfish fool and expecting a free ride on road taxes, and for thinking you are exempt for your crime. You win the Quarterly prize for "Inconsiderate Son of a Bitch".

A7X_LoVeee 10

[insert comment that has absolutely nothing to do with the first post].

MizzErikaHart 8

fail^ he probably works a burger place. fyl op

A7X_LoVeee 10

68 - 1. she 2. No I don't work at a burger place but your thuggish boyfriend probably does.

A7X... First of all, I do believe that she was talking about OP and not you... and second of all... Even though I am from Leon, Mexico, I'm sick of people like you making racist comments. There are more white people who try to act "black" then black people who try to act "white"

A7X_LoVeee 10

How was that racist? I didn't make that comment because he's black I made it because he looks like a thug. There are plenty of white people who look like thugs too; color has nothing to do with it. I wasn't being racist.

76, being a punk ass lazy ass whiny ass bitch ass thug has nothing to do with race.

Unless our cow supply suddenly dwindles...

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and atleast you have a job! even tho it pays shit haha

Ya OP stop being a bitch a burger is better than nothing. (that was sarcasm).

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Dude that sucks and all, I don't know if "you deserve it" really applies here but for real, it absolutely was your fault so nut up or shut up OP.

don't buy the burger! there are things more important! You can invest the money or just save it and let it compound itself in the bank until you have enough and next time this happens you will be prepared

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OP if you need money sell your iPhone/iPod. that's at least 50 bucks right there. now go to SAMs and load up on raman noodles :)


maybe you should consider getting a sarcasm sign.. smart ass

OP needs a better paying job.

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first..... and let the war begin

Maybe renew your tags on time like a responsible adult and this won't happen.

what's all this talk of "responsibility" and "adult". Are you trying to confuse me with hard to understand things?!

become a prostitute they make all kinds of money! or make a porno..

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I think he was implying he couldn't because he's poor

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shut up ya stupid bitch maybe he doesnt have the money

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Ever hear of things slipping from someone's mind? -_-

Yep i agree with 74. if someones that stressed about their lowpaying job everyday, and busy working all the time, op probably forgot. and those previous comments about how op is selfish and thought they could get away from crime or whatever? seriously? what made u ppl assume op did it on purpose?

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cops are assholes they wont even give breaks anymore it's dumb they try to make money like that.

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Then he shouldn't be driving. If you can't afford the upkeep on your vehicle then don't drive it. Get a freaking bike and be responsible like the rest of us in society.

Yeah and let's tell people how to live their lives through the internet. That's how society works right?

It's under $250 for a paycheck, I hope this isn't an adult.

zgomon 10

Shit happens. Maybe u can pay all ur stuff off, but sum people don't have ne1 to lean on. Get ur hear outa ur ass

VinegarStrokes 0

114 maybe OP only works part time due to time constraints or maybe this has been an irregular working period for him due to recent illness or other personal (or even business) matters. Maybe OP is a server and works overtime every but is only pulling in $4.25 an hour plus tips so his pay checks are relatively weak. Don't be so quick to judge d-bag.

a_nutritionist 10

@101 registration isnt "upkeep" on your vehicle, its called revenue raising. it doesnt affect the safety of your car, and as such shouldnt be enforced in the same way. a simple warning would suffice, as fining someone for something that has little real world impact is just a waste of time.

or get a job where u make more than 225 bi-weekly! wtf?

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88 - They're not trying to make money, they enforce laws to keep people safe and keep our community in order. Although vehicle tags are pretty useless...

qwacktastick 8

88 - They're not trying to make money, they enforce laws to keep people safe and keep our community in order. Although vehicle tags are pretty useless...

Thing is though, this law is there just to make money. It's pointless and doesn't achieve anything. Here in Europe you don't have to do this.

they couldn't. she didn't have any money

yea and née we are in a recession, and cops do have a quota to make, think about it…it's sucks but whatcha gonna do

how was she supposed to know the exact date they expired you OCD botch

138- if that we're the case they'd have cash. My point is this is probably a 16 year old working a shitty PT job.

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ugh what a bitch

but didn't he or she just said they were broke?

junojade 3

229, in Michigan your tags expire on the birthday of whoever the car is registered to. Assuming this is OP's car (otherwise why would they buy the tags?) it would be their birthday. I would hope they could remember that.

"...I've been broke for the last two weeks." How do you expect her to renew her tags if she has no money?

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I would dump him, if he's not mature enough to take A brake from his xbox and help out he doesn't deseve you

FunnyGuy5051 7

wrong fml...

Epic* fail.

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sucks to suck.

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She would know she looks like a ****


It's okay, her picture shows her after giving head, she doesn't swallow, she swishes.

time to go to mcdonalds 1 dollar all summer

This comment reminded me of the movie Supersize Me. If the OP would go the WHOLE summer on McDonalds, they would die.

Wait... Isn't that just for sodas and iced coffees?

freerun4life97 0

finally someone else who saw that!

Eating nothing at all is known to be deadly as well.

#57, that movie was proved bullshit.

109, SO WAS YOUR FACE!!! OH! what now???

gabe2014 0

if you eat one kind of food whenever your hungry u would get fat. if I were to eat only pizza for example for a month I would get fat. that show is retarded though. you just need variety to stay thin

flighted 1

freerun....pretty much the whole United States has seen that movie..

freerun4life97 0

oh. my bad. I've never even heard of it til I had to watch it in my English class.

Don't get the angry whopper, it's not as amazingly delicious as it looks. 8$ for a freaking burger...

Whoopers are DISGUSTING!

since when does a whopper cost 8 bucks?

a whopper is 7 bucks

MizzErikaHart 8

whoopers lol

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Wow, you don't make SHIT!

You don't know that... OP could make $40/hour but was only able to work one day during the pay period for whatever reason.

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Someone making $40 an hour should have the common sense to register their vehicle. he makes minimum wage and works part time. enjoy it while it lasts.

lol 40 you are probably right...

mismonroe 0

40 dollars an hour? Then I would assume that the car would be legal because OP has the money, USUALLY.

I bet OP does make shit, because all humans do. I just made a shit like ehh.... two hours ago.

Good point, but the real question is... Was your shit worth at least $40?

You sir, are a winner.

That's what I was thinking. If OP is working full time (40 hours/week), even making minimum wage ($8/hour), he should still have $320 a week, which is more than the fml implies. Thus, we can assume that OP is working part time and probably has another source of income (read: supportive parents), so it's not like he's starving to death anyway. Basically, OP is bitching because he won't be able to go out with his friends for a week...

a_nutritionist 10

thus we can assume *common sense* + *completely ridiculous assumption given the lack of information* = *waste of time even reading the comment* thanks 135.

Dorked out, my bad. tl;dr: The fml is slightly less tragic than it seems when you consider that OP probably wouldn't be able to live on that amount of money anyway, so it's probably just about a lack of spending money.

mofo12 0

actually minimum is $7.25 get your facts straight!

ReynshineCutting 10

Ya minimum wage is not $8 first of all, and second of all you forgot about taxes. My fiancé works full time (and lots of over time) at $9/hr and for a 40 hour week his check is about $302 after taxes. So it's definitely possible for OP to be working full time. OP could even be making more than $9/hr if he gets money taken out of his check for health insurance.

sorta what u was thinking: if op's so strapped, they should work full time. but jobs can be hard to find. I say YDI. tags expiring should be planned/saved for, it's not like a random breakdown.

flighted 1

I'm sorry, but mismonroe or w/e your username is...I hope to God you are wearing pants in that picture. ew

Oh you guys are all right, sorry haha. Damn taxes. But I think the minimum wage might vary by state because I'm almost positive that it's around $8 in California

I agree with #11. she prolly don't make shit. ur not just gonna sit on ur ass when ur broke and only work one day.

Don't know where you or op live. But minimum wage is $8.67 here. It's not $7.25 everywhere..

aww that's so sad. $ can't live on that.

While arguing on how much OP may or may not work is fun... there is another option. Maybe OP has bills being auto-paid, or already subtracts in advance for them leaving them with roughly 230$ spending cash.

Why weren't your tags renewed in the first place?

op probably forgot, because she was stressed out, or didn't have the money to renew them, because she didn't have her paycheck yet. Op needs a better job :/

flighted 1

Um because that costs MONEY which op CLEARLY stated they didn't have.

So then they shouldn't be driving. I'm not saying I don't feel bad for OP, but if you can't afford to keep your car safe/registered, don't drive it. Its not rocket science.

a_nutritionist 10

...exactly how is your car safer by being registered? im dying to know.

flighted 1

VitaLP- so you're saying....who cares if op needs a car to get to work that COULD be across town...somewhere they can't walk to, and who knows if they have money to get on the bus EVERYDAY seeing as they don't even have enough money to pay their tags? Yeah that sounds like a great idea to me. Not to mention buying a bike can be pretty expensive too. or even, where I used to work there wasn't a bus stop ANYWHERE NEAR it and it was well out of walking distance. wow the ignorance amazes me

93- what does that have to do with anything? you know your tags will expire, you can plan ahead and save. I know a single mom who saved for 3 months ahead to afford her tags. you can be broke but intelligent at the same time.

muffinkitty 15

better be a really good burger..