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By Anonymous - 01/11/2009 21:08 - United States

Today, I finally got my paycheck from working at my minimum wage job for the last three months. I was delighted when I saw it was worth $846. On my way to cash it, I destroyed my car's suspension. It's going to cost almost $800 to fix. FML
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Wow. I've worked 2 months in minimum wage and have over 1000.


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And still you have nothing to say

if there was a job for getting first posts, you'd be rich :D but there isn't... so get a life! oh and OP: FYL, I hope you'll stay alive for your next paycheck.

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ahahaha!! the irony! at least you had the money. so hilarious!

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Wow. I've worked 2 months in minimum wage and have over 1000.

What the ****, 2 months?!?! I make over that in a week in Australia.

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That gives you only $46 dollars to spend. FYL D:

Oh gawd....that sucks so bad.... D8 Well....hopefully you start getting more hours so you can make more money faster.

wow, fyl for sure. how many hours were you workin at this job? lol, bc 846 dollars sounds toooooo low

If they're new at the job, they're probably not being scheduled often. Normally the first three months are the worse in terms of hours.

Now, I know I don't have a clue about your geographic situation, but how do you feel about walking? Or using a bike? Only for a while, until you've spared some money to fix your car. Hope everything ends up well...

Why are you just now getting a paycheck after 3 years?

When I was moderating submissions, I saw this exact one, only it said it would cost $850 to fix instead of $800. Meh.