Today, I was walking my dog and he stopped to take a crap. While he was doing his business, I saw something white coming out of his butt that just wouldn't budge. He started whimpering and I stepped in to help him. I pulled out an entire plastic bag. FML
By buttpicker / Monday 19 April 2010 23:24 / United States
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  yottskry  |  0

Don't be so quick to judge, you have no idea how the bag got there. Even the best owners can't watch the dog 24 hours a day. The bag could have blown over the fence into the yard or something.

  alexFYL  |  11

TokioxxHotel, if you work all day and let your dog run loose you're just asking for trouble and it's still irresponsible. Gate off a safe area of the house, if your shift is less than 5hours crate train it, even a safe garage or basement is OK, or a dog run/kennel provided he isn't neglected out there and has a dog house, a shelter/wind break, and water.

  kdarkwood  |  15

Are you seriously suggesting that OP watch his dog every waking moment? Animals get into things, that's just what they do. You can have a completely immaculate home and yard and still, animals will find a way to eat SOMETHING they're not supposed to. I have a cat (indoor) that does the same thing.


i knoww :C haha but thats a little ass backwards. ironic lmao.
"today i saw my dog shitting a plastic bag and i gasped in horror as i reached in my bag for what should have been a bag...gross" haha XD