By buttpicker - 19/04/2010 23:24 - United States

Today, I was walking my dog and he stopped to take a crap. While he was doing his business, I saw something white coming out of his butt that just wouldn't budge. He started whimpering and I stepped in to help him. I pulled out an entire plastic bag. FML
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well there you go, apparently he was helping you out you a bag to pick up the crap.


gzmn91 6

Seriously **** your dogs life! How bout looking at what your dog swallows next time?!

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Well, that's one plastic bag I hope went in the trash not recycle.

RiptRaxx 0

maybe your dog was experimenting a new way to recycle materials. u just had to take care of the unknown side effects.

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Don't be so quick to judge, you have no idea how the bag got there. Even the best owners can't watch the dog 24 hours a day. The bag could have blown over the fence into the yard or something.

That's it. Reply system is pointless. Even the second person ha to comment on the first to be seen.

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Your dog is recyclying his own way ^.^

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What else was in there? Your bike? :p

btw if he pooped directly into the bag, that wouldve made it easier for you to clean :)

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I pulled an entire leash out of my dog once

dang that's nasty I bet it hurt I mean imagine trying to poop a plastic bag... ugh sick

it that really posible? o.0 I mean normally they would have choked to death!!

25 STFU U SUCK AT THESE JOKES In Soviet Russia, dog walks you. Anyway, yeah that must suck.:(

dudes, really? your dog can eat so much stuff without knowing. maybe the OP goes to work all day and can't keep an eye on his dog. think rationally people.

Pearljammer001 0

what if it shit out a garbage bag next time?

TokioxxHotel, if you work all day and let your dog run loose you're just asking for trouble and it's still irresponsible. Gate off a safe area of the house, if your shift is less than 5hours crate train it, even a safe garage or basement is OK, or a dog run/kennel provided he isn't neglected out there and has a dog house, a shelter/wind break, and water.

66 don't make me come over there and put this soviet russian move on you.

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it makes me wonder how these dogs are able to do stuff like this.. I shall watch my dog more often..

lol, I just thought of something, maybe it's a doggie condom

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omg wow! who knew that was possible?

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lmfao. what do u feed ur dog.? fydogs life.

haleyisawsomee 0

dogs often bolt their food without chewing, so it is possible he could have swallowed it without choking..

Or "In Soviet Russian, bag poops dog!"

Are you seriously suggesting that OP watch his dog every waking moment? Animals get into things, that's just what they do. You can have a completely immaculate home and yard and still, animals will find a way to eat SOMETHING they're not supposed to. I have a cat (indoor) that does the same thing.

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well there you go, apparently he was helping you out you a bag to pick up the crap.

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#19, you look depressed, would you like me to lighten up your day ; ).

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Yo dawg, I heard you like picking up dog shit. So we put a bag in your dog, so he can poop while you scoop!

what's up with people pulling odd objects out of their animals ass ? I never heard such weird shit coming out of a dog/cats ass in my life until fml..

lol reminded me of family guy when brian had to het floss piled outa his ass :P

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"If your not supposed to eat that stuff, why do they make it mint flavored"?

hey man thats mint spaghetti, find it one strand at a time PS dont forget your meatball shovel

@50 i what you should do is pull your penis out so she can smile and laugh at you :D

i knoww :C haha but thats a little ass backwards. ironic lmao. "today i saw my dog ******** a plastic bag and i gasped in horror as i reached in my bag for what should have been a bag...gross" haha XD

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In Soviet Russia, dogs come out of bags.

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in Canada, milk comes out of bags

In Britain, the only bags we have are teabags.

I seriously don't even know what to say about this one.

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wow poor dog. hardy FML thogh... more like FMDL :(

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my dog ate Easter grass once that was soooooo annoyyyingggg

my dog ate one of my ankle socks, whole. he puked it up on my floor. I feel your pain.